That'll learn ya dern ya!


about to put em’ in a warm blanket on top of the fridge…lol


@Screwauger these girls are not wanting to drink much water…
lol… they want more of the good stuff…lol
i’m over here like hannibal lector wanting to fry up her brains…lol :crazy_face:



Keep an eye on them.
I’ve had a couple pots stop wicking and needed to be “primed” with a quart through from the top.

I worry about root blowout and other problems with you guys going autopots.

If I notice a real drop off in intake, I usually pour a tad less than a quart through the pot which tends to get the capillary action going again.


ok,thanks mon…i will ph a 5gl bucket of water and add a bit through the top until done…
root bound big time…i need to make a vid of the roots on this autoflower…root grew through gold disc,but not too bad…the air was pruneing them as well…


Ok Dewd. Keep in mind the tray only holds about a liter so I shut off the res (I installed a few shut offs) and go slowly else you’ll have a flood. Better late than never, I ran to wally world before the masses. Just finished snow blowing driveway, now bongs, beard trim and off to work.
If your medium’s not real dry/pot real light, this may not be the issue, they might just be taking the holiday off
Sudafed, it’s the “Black Beauty” of the new age!!!


found problem…clogged pipe that comes out of res…fixed and flowing again,tks again my man…


update 11/21 clogged pipe from res to first shut off valve…i’ll be paying more attention to piping in the future for sure…some pre thanksgiving pics


Sweet nuggets brothaman gonna have a good :turkey:day bird n buds :call_me_hand:



Happy 2nd Anniversary @BIGE
May the buds continue to stack up & the harvests always be plentiful, bud :call_me_hand:t3: :v:t3:


Happy Anniversary buddy!


thank ya’ll!!
wow,two years now!


two years. He’s a big boy now!! Congrats @BIGE


thank you very much @Screwauger,…


Happy anniversary bro look forward to many more with you E


Happy Anniversary @BIGE :tada: :call_me_hand: keep on keepin on brothaman


thanks everyone for the anniversary love!


hey @yoshi,what are you up to bud? how are things going up in NWA?


@Grandaddy013 this is how i made them without oil…now i infuse my decarbed mmj into coconut/hemp oil…
i have a syrenge that squirts it in the capsules…works pretty good.