That'll learn ya dern ya!


biotabs are like 90$ for 5-10 plants?


I tried pro silicate and it clumped up in the res but I later found out that was due to ph spikes.
I tried rhino skin but I stopped only because I was trying to keep my ppm’s down and my base nutes up.

I’m probably always going to be in the trial and error phase but these first few grows were just that, trying to find a happy medium I can stick with.


Ya, and then spray this and boost that…


I am gonna try Master Blend in hydro.


Im using it along side fish emulsions and seems to be lovely. Have YET to burn more then a tip or two…


Definitely not trying to deter anyone’s plans, but you’d be surprised at the people who would agree. I think megacrop looks like a really good option for a lot of people. If not, the powdered gh stuff looks pretty good too, and there’s hundreds of smaller companies that offer similar products. As far as synthetic base nutes go, every company is using the same handful of compounds. While it’s possible some are little more friendly than others, and cheaper, we can be plenty successful with just about any of them when used properly. I think you’ll be pretty happy with results and savings.


thanks again everyone!! this is what makes ILGM forum so great is the willingness to help the fellow grower…
big hug! lol




Haha stolen

:point_up:t5:Not a whole statement but workd :joy::joy:



9900g’s? 9900 feeds no? :joy::joy: i mean i know not that good. Maybe 4 grams a feed… still over 2000 of em

Why tf did they split the shipping


Not sure why they split the shipment but that 55 for the 22lb bag is a deal.
I have not pulled the trigger and bought it yet but I’m tempted.


Sounds like it! N its got a nice looking npk…



i’m thinking i’ll start some seeds today!
i moved all of my vegging plants to the shed and now it is just me and my master kush clone…
how about some ILGM hindu kusn 3x and some pineapple express 3xlet the good times roll on!
i’m a week or two out on harvesting autopot plants…in fact,the next res.change i’ll give flawless finish to start process, stem punching as well…lol i may give a day or two darkness to get vegged plants flowering and flowering plants to start shutting down…lol at least that is the plan at the moment…
@Screwauger and his propaganda video spurred me to the pineapple…lol it’s all your fault!


@BIGE those Hindu Kush mine at least seemed to start slow but then one day I looked n it was like noticeably bigger. Oh n I just started another, she hasn’t popped soil yet, we’ll have a close grow :tada: :call_me_hand:


Haha i was just thinking about how many and when i was going to drop seeds. I wont be able to drop that soon tho more like 2 more weeks i have to wate


Not too long off though, you doin a Hindu Kush too? Or different strain? J/w @Sirsmokes the last sour Kush I did got a little over 6zips :raised_hands: lol


Drop those buggers!


Drop em! Drop em! Drop em!