That'll learn ya dern ya!


Night @BIGE

hahahah agua always makes me think of that scene in No Country for Old Men. If ya ain’t seen it, you need to (the whole movie not the scene).


Arent stoner problems the best kinda problems? :joy::joy::joy:


the reaper will be here soon!!


no mo amnesia haze,she filled five tiers of my drying rack!
she was skinny but really heavy…no complaints from this guy…
i just burned the tip of a joint with a center of finger hash…has anyone seen waldo?


here is an weekly pic update,minus skinny minnie (amnesia haze auto)…
these gals are alternating between flower fuel and overdrive every 5 gal of nutrient solution mixed 90ml a+b…
i have got to get more yo-yo’s up,every time i go out there another branch or two has fallen.
i will be making some mods during a brief intermission using autopots.
i still will have two master kush,a bluecheese,and a master kush clone to back these up.
i will be deciding my next strains shortly,might put up a poll…lol


Looking good bro, congrats on harvest!


thank you @dbrn32,it was much needed…lol
all of the others are going strong,buds are swelling,branches giving way,and i’m running out of places to hang yo-yo’s to hold everything up,…lol terrible problems i know…


My grandmother told me go big or go home on several occasions. Different context of course, and got me in trouble more than once. But I always resort back to it haha.


Looking good @BIGE looking real good!!!


thank you @Sirsmokes…like the monkey said before he got his tail cut off,’‘it won’t be long now’’…


looking to buy some more additives to my base nutrients…i’m already using flower fuel…and going to get the tub of powdered big bud,and maybe some bud candy… @Screwauger i had thought you sent me a pic of your line-up but i have failed to find it…and @Blasting i’m sure you have told me yours as well,but could you guys lay out what you got …i may find something better/cheaper than what i’m running…
and anyone else who may want to chime in,i’m all ears…


Won’t be hard to find something cheaper than AN lol. I’m not sure what autopot guys approve, but if you’re interested in doing powder it shouldn’t be difficult to find something as good and cheaper.


Check out megacrop. Seems siper affordable. @Aolelon i believe used it and someone else just made the jump.


I use AN because I cannot do Ph maintenance while away, i use basr nutes + BC + big bud + overdrive mainly with great white microbes. Megacrops is most likely next thing im trying, or remos.


I’ll find the photo(s) @BIGE

I’ve cut back because of all the issues with burnt tips and mottled leaves so this grow
AN Ph Perfect Sensi Grow A&B and Bloom A&B
Big Bud
Bud Candy
Kool Bloom (powder)
AN CalMag Extra

In seedling stage I use
Voodoo Juice to supplement the base

In the past I have used
maybe some others I will research.

PS @PurpNGold74 I know several people that are having very successful grows with megacrop


thank you folks! yea,i’m good on overdrive for now…
i will look into megacrop…
as well as shop around…i’m on a 100$ budget…lol
still looking good on sensi base nutes as well…


Forgot to add I use calimagic as calmag.



got a bottle of that as well…lol i’m not sure about the rhino skin,and use another silicate…maybe like @Screwauger has going over here…lol


Ph Perfect has not turned out to be as great as I anticipated and like @dbrn32 says, it’s wicked costly.
I’m using or have used up what I can and I am going to give one of the powdered mixes a go.

Megacrop plays nice with the autopot valves and system based on grows I have followed.
Trouble is, it’s not cheap either though final cost is way better.

I also have been tempted to try Bio Tabs. That would equate to soil and plain water in the reservoir.