That'll learn ya dern ya!


For sure your buds looks amazing amyways, I have been in 100% promix so maybe its the part of coco you are using. Kinda hard to figure out haha


do you have a link or pic of the promix you are using… seems everyone has their own version…lol



This is what I have @BIGE



i will look into this…no peat right?



I have to check the bag as I am not sure there is not peat. @BIGE

#450” “


That thar is just funny, I don’t care who you are. @BIGE


we need to stop the hate!




My local club had a sign out just before this years grauduation that said, Now hiring the Class of 2017 :rofl::rofl:


I actually use Nutrimix from nutri +


Paid 30$ for the big bale and i love it so far


This is promix HP ingredients, couldnt find nutrimix ingredients.


I use this same as promix 10 bucks for 2.8 cu.ft

  • Calcitic limestone is calcium carbonate and it neutralizes acids in the growing medium. It provides some calcium, but almost no magnesium. Calcitic limestone dissolves faster than dolomitic limestone so it quickly adjusts a growing medium’s pH within one week, but it has a shorter residual effect of up to 1-2 months.
  • Dolomitic limestone is a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate and serves two purposes in the growing medium. Primarily, it neutralizes acids in the growing medium but also provides some additional magnesium and calcium for plant uptake. Dolomitic limestone dissolves slowly in the growing medium, resulting in longer term pH adjustment (up to 2-4 months) and buffering to improve pH stability.


my tap water ppm is036 by the way…i finally remembered to check it yesterday


11/5 cut off nutrients to amnesia haze…
11/7 top watered with flawless finish 1gl


i have lost my ink pen in my grow room,so writing it down here until i can remember to take one back out…lol
stoner problems…
100ml a+b
5 scopes of flower feul
5gl of water
i also gave CC and master kush a dose as well 1/2 gl each
i will check if amnesia needs more agua in the morning…
goood night ya’ll