That'll learn ya dern ya!


You can rivet or bolt a couple pieces of angle to it. Something like 3/4” angle with 1/8” wall would probably be enough if you put two 4’ pieces on it.


i haphazzardly put it up…i’ll put in wider eyes and use one ratchet per side…
the other light did this as well
if that does not work i have a section of alum. from shower frame



The stack and swell is on!!!


Go big E :wink:


thanks everyone for the flowers,these girls are my rock…lol



I’ve seen Dwight twice in concert. Great shows because he always has a great band.


I’ve yet to have an autopot grow that did not have leaves like this. I think I will talk to Manny at AP’s and provide some picture. The plants pull through but as an excess or deficiency of some type, it has to effect the final product is some way. I call it the dreaded cal/mag spots. My current plant is nearing harvest and is covered.


yea, @Screwauger the plant seems healthy enough,these started after i put in ‘‘the mothership’’ light…
it is only purple kush that is doing it…lol and it is at the tops of it…
the other plants started curlung tips when i increased ppm…lol
i’m going to just watch it as of now,and i did give a 30ml bump of cal/mag yesterday in the witches brew…


Ive been using RO water with 1ml/gal calmag and seems to be working fine so far, no cal deficiency.


yea,looking back i probably should not have given them that much cal/mag…i try to take baby steps and administor in a more even manner,instead of shocking it …lol ooohhhh well thank you for the input…


I do get a little red leaf stems, still tryna figure out why lol


that is how this first i thought it was turning purple but a week later this…lol
i just mixed that batch of nutes,i’m thinking of dumping a fresh batch this evening in hopes of leveling the cal/mag spike.
i want to thank you, @Screwauger ,and everyone who contributes to my grow…


Autopots require a little tweaking heh and so does AN. Are you using RO water?


no,tap water that i let set in a bucket at least four days with a air stone in it…


Are PPM high? Ive also researched alot about this whole calcium thing with AN and i came across posts on other forums where people contacted AN customer service and they would tell them to NOT use cal mag with their base nutes, not exactly sure why but since you are using the Sensi Coco line there should already be quite a good amount of calmag in there, maybe that would be worth trying on one plant. What I started doing in promix is feed water water before they get on reservoir feed using 2ml/gal of cal mag in the water, no calmag when using base nutes. Then I will start using calimagic in reservoir feed at 1ml/gal but I add it first before anything, my water gets from 26 ppm to around 80 then I do my normal mix. I think AN said using calmag with their base nutes fuked with their PH buffer wich might lead to deficiencies? I tought @screwauger woulda fixed that problem since hes in promix now too, seems not? Might be a water quality thing or something… or the fact that PH fluctuate in the trays… but AN says anyhing between 5.0 and 8.0 should be fine with their nutrients, so thats making me think its the calmag fucking with the base nutes? Hard to figure out lol!! And its always a pleasure to help and see people progress, my knowledge would probably far from where it is right now without this fantastic forum !


i have not topped 1200ppm yet…been close but not over…lol


Ppm of your water I mean.


I didn’t use any cal mag in my water until I noticed the spots at around week 6. I don’t use the Sensi Coco brand of PH perfect just the plain 2 part ph perfect line.

I’m likely going to seriously reduce or eliminate the coco in my next grow and go 100 promix OR I may attempt a soil grow.

As ugly as the leaf spots are, I’ve managed good harvests each grow so whatever is causing it is not having drastic effects.