That'll learn ya dern ya!


Yep I do, have thought about gettin medical card but it’s like 200 bucks for the dr. Appt they make evaluate you my dr. Said I’d get it no brob with my 2 fractured vertebrae n I have tbi in 5 spots so I have constant headaches and enhanced neck pain especially on gloomy n rainy days seem to be worse


light is crucial to your grow,with all of the $$$$ you have tied up now,a light could be the most important piece of your puzzle…i bought like 5 chinese lights and all together will not out preform one of these howemade jobs…lol
if you depend on MMJ, a bad ass light is a must…lol
i’m on a strict monthly budget,so i know what you’re thinking…lol
save a little longer,you will not regret it.


And my state has a buncha dispensaries just not near my town yet, they’ve already got a building though next town over there is a said to be dispensary, was even in our local newspapers


we voted in mmj 2 yrs ago,still nothing…so i do my own deal,…lol


I’m on a little budget now too, once I finish payin the registry I’ll have more to play with. Oh n on average I smoke a zip a week


Which has been grown until TD messed up my schedule oh n that’s one more thing about these lights is they’re not too big n can stagger them where needed in tent. How big is the actual frame or plate size I’d need it on, can they be made small with those strips?


Maybe 2’long x 1’wide? That’s prob what I’d want is to add to current setup if possible :man_shrugging:t2:


all the way down to 280mm long…so 280,560,1120mm…lengths
yes,if i had to do over i’d go with 5600mm because of different plant heights…
i got my plate from metal salvage yard,good place to pick up cheap metal


Yeah so that’s what I’d do then use that for early to mid stage? Doesn’t really matter I guess can work with 3 1 for each plant(s) height


Thanks for posting all of the awesome info! Digging the new light as much as the others too. Did you attach driver whip directly to strips?


By nature most of these lights are designed with lighting an entire space, and can get kind of expensive. But they don’t all have to be that way. You can build as small or as big as you’d like really. Like Bige posted, a lot of the components will go a long way too. So cost of initial build will likely yield some leftover stuff and make any subsequent lights less expensive to complete.


yes i did @dbrn32


coconut oil recipe


Cool! I’ve done it s few times but usually with smaller drivers. The wire on the bigger hlg’s is difficult to get in there. Kudos on getting it in without breaking connector!


Absolutely awesome job on the lights!!!


i have super human retard strength…lol
you only get one chance like this because they tend to break if you try pulling back out…lol
kinda like the tape…better get your chit straight first


Yup, glad it worked out.


@revhead here is my grow


The big light have a bow in it?


i need to put two hanger instead of one…but yea
that sucker is a double hand full hanging…