That'll learn ya dern ya!


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i will add that i’ve adjusted ppm up to around 1100ppm by adding 20ml of a+b base nutrients…
so thats 100ml of a+b and the recommended amount of supplimental nutes…
since my buddy screw was showing those nasty floats the other day…next res change there will be an overhaul/blow out of everything…lol i also still need to configure these different so that they get more room…
the one on the floor is doing well never been under a light…lol critical cheese


Fantastic! @BIGE great looking stuff


Wow everything is going good they are growing fast


i’m suprised at the amnesia haze auto…the one under white light with long slender buds…
most are bending because they are so heavy but so skinny…lol
tied stick…lol


@BIGE What color kelvin is your HLG light,and how high you run it ?
Nice garden :man_farmer:t5:


i’m running 3500k bridgelux 1120mm strips,full blast…lol the large light in the shed has 8 strips…the small light i am vegging under only has 4…
2 mezhi 1200w blurples,
thank you @boardsbird
another note the big light is gen2 strips,veg light is gen1 and driven by smaller drivers as well.


@BIGE those girls are comin up good man :call_me_hand:


You are very ambitious @BIGE. Six plants is about as many as I want to deal with. My last clone grow (26 plants) cured me of that!




Hahah that pic is great! Plants look great to. What’s that flat box looking thing hanging in the top pic up there?


that is one of my rh/temp gauges…i have it hanging around the canopy to get an idea what the temp is there…and thank you


I thought it might be it just looked so large in the picture. Probably just from the angle.


I know this already, but you don’t; as you’re not a mind reader. I like that :+1:t3: a lot


Hahaha @Budbrother :upside_down_face: :+1:



Yall feel me?


Those fabric pots are nifty b/c they have loops built in to put supports…or even a scrog. They’re square, but once filled go roundish.


light #3 and still have some materials left…
i cannot thank you enough @dbrn32

Looking at getting some new lights

@BIGE 3 in a day, and that didn’t look bad at all, Dude that’s crazy! Guess @dbrn32 I’ll prob be talkin in a couple months lol gotta finish the last stretch of paying the man. Time to drive legal again boys n gals :wink:


no that is just my third light built to date…lol
i pulled a @dbrn32 and put this together with stuff just laying around from other builds…lol
i drilled it,and layed it out yesterday,and assembled it this morning…
very easy setup… only thing i drill is for hangers and drivers…one rool of thermal tape and hook-up wire did three lights with some to spare… easy job with outstanding results on/in the grow…
do you rely on cannabis?