That'll learn ya dern ya!


Yup i agree. Its a freaking jungle in There!


Looking good @bige


40ml of bud candy,big bud,rhino skin…90-100ml each of advanced nutrients sensi-coco a+b
i’ve substituted flower fuel in on one rotation of supplimental nutes…i used it instead of bb,bc,rs…
i keep air stones in my next res change water…06ml per gal mammoth p
@Willd @Blasting @Screwauger and all others interested…


Per full 12gal res?


they have been in flower for a week or more…lol
i’m going to rearrange this weekend and add a light or two…


sorry,that is by the 5gl bucket filled two inches from top…
pretty much AN’s schedule


You are blasting them full strength nutrients and they are this beaautiful :o ive been trying to tweak my recipe for days to not get nute burn but seems i might just need to follow ans chart lol


And I think I have been mistaking nute burn with potassium deficiency for a long while now… did you run any plain water in the reservoir?


You dont know… but you just made my day right there.


Very nice buddy!


Very nice, @bige.


no plain water,except what i use to wash res out…but i unhook from system,wash out,then fill back with nutrients.


Go big @BIGE


ready or not here they grow!!
i’m going to line them up this weekend,instead of side by side.


@Screwauger, @Blasting time to mix nutes in the morning…i’m going to take my guages out there and check everything… i’ll be using bloom a+b,and flower fuel on this one…i did back off flower fuel because not really sure of where my ppm are,but i will record this one to make sure…i cannot afford to fry anything at this late in the game…lol
i’m quickly running out of bud candy,big bud and rhino skin…i’m hoping the fuel will get me to overdrive stage…i do have a fresh liter of it though…i may go long on the overdrive…lol


It should @BIGE get you there. If not I bet some could recommend an alternative to get you a week or two.

Good updates are always, well, good!


i’ve had great results using flower fuel,i’m sure it will get me through…
i have been giving 5gl doses to keep everything fresh…
the sludge does like to build up in the res…i’ve been keeping it clean as possible,well i cleaned it once…ha


My res get kind of bubbly and stinky about midway through batches using the bloom a&b and the cal mag and big bud and bud candy. It goes in mostly see through/clear albeit brownish. 3 days later the top is covered in bubbles and it has obvious chunks of stuff floating and dispersed in the 4 gallons or so. Stinks. Then a day or two later it goes back to almost see through to the bottom. I believe all that crap settles out is why.

I’ve been having to bump my ph down every couple days as it keeps wanting to kreep up into the high 6’s. That may mean I have some algae or some such chit. Time for a clean out prob.


I think blocking that hole at the top may help, one rule of DWC = no light to the water to prevent algae, i guess that works for autopot res too.


@Screwauger @Blasting, i finally was able to find my tools…lol
todays res. topoff; 80ml a+b 5 scoop of flower fuel
ph - 6.0
ppm 960
added two more scoops brought ppm up around 1000…ph remained stable
i love ph perfect nutrients!!!