That'll learn ya dern ya!


you can cook it before you put in everclear or use a precision cooker/crock pot to cook in everclear…
it’s great but i cannot use ,being a recovering booze hound…lol


That’s what I was wondering lol almost 3 years sober, was about an 18 year everyday morn to nite bender lol


glad you broke free!


Wonder if there’s other stuff besides booze that would be mixable


Thanks bro same to you, for real :+1:


@Hogmaster uses coconut oil to do his…you might ask him for the reciepe


Can ya get it at a grocery store or is it specialized to “herbal” stores


Cool thanks @BIGE


I’ve seen the jars sold online idk I’m just clueless where I get it lol :man_shrugging:t2:


Most grocery stores and super stores have it in the baking aisle. If not a health food store will always have it.


Awesome thanks @Budbrother then just decarb n cook like makin regular oil sorry so many questions just wanted to know before I try it lol


dry now but we got several inches


still get a occasional gust of wind


“…dow nair nalabammer…” got me :rofl:


update;10/16 everyone seems very happy,including the gardener…lol
i was using an air stone in water before,and finally got back into the habit after getting autopots…
no matter which method you grow aerating your water before adding nutrients is a good thing!! :grinning:
i have been bending tops[lst] to let lower branches catch up…i need to stagger plants this weekend they are fighting for room…lol
plant fighting? who’s in? @Hogmaster @Smokin_ernie @Sirsmokes @Sasquatch @Countryboyjvd1971 @Blasting @Budbrother @merlin44 @dbrn32 @garrigan65


Looking like a jungle in there. Good job


i was thinking i might need two more pots,but these four are taking up all the room…i still have the three in the house going out there soon…i’m not going to let those get very big before flowering,maybe a few more weeks of veg…thank you dr.dank


Sweet. Great work @BIGE


Your girls are looking awesome. You think they are fighting for room now, wait till you flip to 12/12. Lol


Amazing work friend! Would you mind telling me your nute recipe so I can compare a bit with mine :slight_smile: