That'll learn ya dern ya!



i get your point


And I was just trying to better explain what you illustrated. I can just smell that nutty hemp aroma :wink:


my whole house reeeked!



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so…i cooked beacon to discuise oder and remedy munchies


I’m by myself in the middle of nowhere. I love the smells. I only have the carbon filters because they extend the life of the fan :slight_smile:


Sorry guys. Ya missd me. And @Whodat66 rant back at ya - THaC does nothing for you. Undecarbd reefer is thac. When u decard it breaks down into thc. I understand u have to ‘apply heat/fire’ to it to get the buzz. I was just unaware u could ingest pure decarbed flower… thought it had to be oil. But i guess it makes common sense hindsight :joy:

And i scrolled down n see u made that point a few messages later :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: My bad brother.

Again i just didnt realized. Ingesting decarbd buds in capsule would be effective. Blonde moment lol


no problems,you should give it a go…lol
i tried making RSO and tinture and found this the best way for me at the moment…
if i ever get a surplus of bud [which hardly happens around here] i’d like to make more oil…it’s great,just takes alot of flower…lol


Definitely will keep in mind. Whats that contraption u using to capsulify the flowers?


i’ll try to get a link up,but i got it from amazon 00 capsule size…41nYhX4XN8L


@Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Hogmaster @MattyBear @Whodat66 @livefast @garrigan65 @Sasquatch @Sittingbull64
make sure you start it from begining…i messed up and it starts late


I need to fill some myself @BIGE I have a set up kind of like yours :wink: I fill mine with coconut oil


OMG that is hilarious
“that’s two things I do not do…”


if i do drink tequilla,sallie knows i’m going to be upside that head! lol


i have not tried that yet,but not counting it out…
are you keeping dry @Hogmaster


I don’t do cocaine… unless someone offers ya a tooter at a party it’s rude to not just take it lmao wtf is he preachin hahaha


he don’t/won’t freebase though…
unless the preacher is preaching a surmon he has already heard…lol


Is tincture any good? Thought about makin some, ya make it with a little bud n everclear in a bottle and set it closed a few days?


Gotta listen to the preachers word lol