That'll learn ya dern ya!


or maybe this morning… @Willd @Hogmaster

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How is the runoff from those bags? Prob watery n make rh through the roof in a tent huh?


no runnoft from autopots,but yes i have to keep pulling rh out during flower…veg it’s ok


Cool, thanks for the info @BIGE wasn’t sure about tryin em or not


Those things are absolutely exploding! Damn im more n more impressed by autopots. Keep up the green work E. Im :eyes::eyes:


if you are in a tent you may want to try the smaller version of autopot…
all in all i like it…for me it is about the ease…helps out on my joints and back


the three in bottom pic are in the house vegging out…they will not go into autopots…master kush and bluecheese


Your autopots are looking good I have a set of 4 and 2 and will try them out when I move but I’m watching and your girls are awesome


What size autopot is in that bottom pic? Just so I have an idea of what I’d need


Looking great as always @BIGE!


those are just regular fabric pots…
i’m going to feed these from top


made some canna-caps this evening/morning…great for pain/anxiety

Best way to prepare for 85 YO Mom

Dude that’s awesome! :call_me_hand: great idea @BIGE


Ok. So explain the caps. Looks like u

  1. Grind bud
  2. Use device to fill capsules
  3. Ingest?

Dont u have to decarb first? Then does eating a decarbd cap work?


You missed “decarb”. If you eat weed like in Super Troopers, nothing will happen. A good stoner memory aid is 240f for 40min.


Mmhmm. So if u decarb in oven. Then eat off the aluminum sheet u get a buzz??? Hmmmm

And am i missing something? Where the heck did ur journal go? I think there is a set number of ‘watchable’ things. N as u add more the queue removes from the top…


yes i decarb mmj in pie pan with foil over the top…
i do 220 for 30 min then take out of oven to cool down[room temp] then back in at 240f for 40min to an hour…back to room temp,then i grind it up and put into caps…works great!
this helps you keep an even buzz that you can compliment with smoking mmj…i have lung issues so this helps me not smoke as much as well as pain/anx relief. @PurpNGold74


I am not a chemist. I do know that ingesting THC does nothing.
Heat converts it into what gets you high.
Smoking or vaping it creates that heat.
Baking it ‘can’ create that heat.

If you throw raw (even dried, cured, finely ground) flowers into a brownie mix, you’ll get a mild buzz at best, that a hard-core user wouldn’t even notice.

The decarb (slow-cooking raw weed or hash) makes it ingestible - and as potent (or moreso) than if you had just smoked it, because it tends to last longer.


heating cannabis puts molecules into delta 9 position where your body can use it.


My point was that even if you bake a batch of brownies for 35 minutes, the trichomes on the raw weed that are mixed in the batter wil never reach the necessary heat for the necessary time to achieve the THC-A to THC conversion.