That'll learn ya dern ya!


Aww look at the doggie :heart_eyes:


How deep is the water the plants sit in? :clown_face:


up to 3/4 inch,then it waits until plant takes it up…then more is added when level drops to low


Like you don’t use every excuse to go look at your plants… Pfft :wink:


thanks @Screwauger


You looking good in those autopots very green and healthy. Not to mention the growth


i’m liking it for sure @Onlythebest79
if i can get fall to come on,i’ll be set!


Off to the races @BIGE

Looking Fantastic Brother!!!

GrowingMarijuana GrowingMarijuana GrowingMarijuana GrowingMarijuana GrowingMarijuana


It’s to early for me to tell for sure however; let me tell you a little tale. @BIGE

It is likely that you will experience the brown spotted leaf scrunge that we coco/autopot growers appear to just have. It’s calmag related, I know it is but still not sure why but more than likely, it’s the ph in the trays that lockout cal/mag some way or another.

So, in the past two wks, sure enough splotched leaves with brownish sick looking spots on fans. I have not been adding cal/mag to my res as I’ve tried to keep the ph in check. There is plenty of cal mag in my base nutes so, here I am. Using it or not, I have the scrunge. I bought this stuff and gave it two days on the res and two foliar sprays and gosh darn it, it slowed/stopped it. Plant looks 80% better. @Blasting

It’s not to be used regularly but to correct deficiencies. I am gonna say prematurely, it worked. I turned the tent down to one light, stopped my oscillating fans and saturated the plant two times (I usually do not spray my plants ever unless to kill a pest).


Go big @BIGE haha


When you get done with the lights, we’ll get you saving some cash on those nutes too :laughing:


yup, could use that too. After that initial grow I dared not change anything, lol.

Cobby is quick

Your package from CK is on its way. You can track it online using this tracking number.


He’s small, so stock and such can be a problem here and there. But he sure does make up for it with fast and honest service!

When you’re relying on your harvests it’s tough to get away from anything that’s working. The good thing is that getting into some powdered nutes to try on a plant or two can be pretty cheap. When you get some spare time, check out hydrogardens 420 blend. It’s probably one of the more user friendly lines with good support material I’ve seen.



9/25 update


What flavor is “Bleach”? Sounds Nasty! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Loooking guuuud Mon! @BIGE


Sounds like Nirvana to me


Way to go @BIGE


Lookin good @BIGE :+1: :+1: