That'll learn ya dern ya!


as most know dr.evil had a death match with a storm of bugs!
although all was not lost,it was a kick to the groin non the less.
i have decided that quantity of plants was not the way to go…for me anyway.
a new tool will be implemented in this grow,the autopot…
reducing the number of plants and increasing the size and quality of crop is the goal…
jump on for the ride,i’m positive it will be interesting!
@Screwauger @Blasting @Willd @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Sasquatch @garrigan65 @SmoknGranny @Smokin_ernie
tag in where you fit in!



Hahahaha thats hilarious @BIGE
And im aboard for the ride brother



I’m with you you I have 18 going wright now and with the way my Blueberry grew in that 30 gal pot made me think of only doing 5 or 6 plants in huge pots. Less plants same yield or possible even more . Most likely more


I will be watching also woohoo


I have 16 going and agree less is probably better at least in my space
16 was a bit crowded this round
I am starting a perpetual grow actually dropping beans every two to three weeks
I set up separate flower and veg rooms
Ordered a light mover as well
I think thats will work good for me harvesting two to three plants once a month should keep me in flower :hibiscus: :wink:


All right all right all right…h/t wolfman jack!!

Another one joins the cult. I’ll use this post to get my commission for Manny at Autopots j/k
Best of luck @BIGE and tag me with any questions, I’m subbed in and watching but some days I can only get to tags.


I’ll be hiding in the shadows as usual …… I know that kick in the gut feeling @BIGE damit my affliction is back…


Way to go @BIGE less is more sometimes. I be watching. I found with my space 4 plants are max anymore it gets difficult to water and maintain.


my new autopots have already traveled from PA to OH…
eta monday,but looks as if it could get here sooner…


How much were they if you don’t mind me asking


218.45$ for, smart pot xl 4
i added two air domes 14.30


Nice I just got a light mover 3.5 dude I may have to try some of those

#14 know what…
the guy from autopot turned me on to these guys @Hogmaster


Thanks a lot @BIGE can’t wait to see them in action :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


yea,i’m about ready to clean house and start anew!
i’m trying to get all i can out of what i have going now…lol


2 special brownies and some dabs and off to work boo I want to stay and. Play


Ok buddy watching from afar


Set to watching :slight_smile: should be fun!


You are not going to believe me but that car is in my town