hi all. i’m thatguythatgrows. but my friends just call me guy. and sometimes guy on the couch. i’m here as 2 young ladies enter into a journey. i aim to journal the journey and at the end, smoke them. this journey began in another forum where it will stay. just adding this forum for now as the participation seems much better. i tend to be very detailed and sometimes “extra” with my choice of words, but with a somewhat limited attention span myself, i will try to be brief.

they are grown in ff ocean forest with a healthy heap of perlite. they started in rapid rooters and advanced to solo cup with holes, to a half gallonish pot and finally to the final pot, a 5 gallon bucket cut down to 3.5-4 gallons. i want to make my own square bonsai pots, but that is for another journey. this was started to be a perpetual grow. i am unsure if i will continue that. with the prices of seeds being so low, i could just grow a different strain every time. so i am undecided, however you will see below that i did take 2 clones from each plant. i am using sensi grow during veg and sensi bloom during flower. they balance the ph perfectly. i am also giving big bud during flower. i haven’t had much experience with scrog, and to be honest, i dont really like it. i would rather have one massive ass bud that dries to a full zip than 40 grams of a bunch of different buds. this is all for me so i dont care about quantity. quality is my only concern. but it isnt over yet. i have a feeling when i pull 250 grams out of this 2x4 space, i may be singing praises to the scrog.

i will tell you about the mobile scrog i built as it seems this stirs interest regularly. if you are uninterested, feel free to skip to the pictures.

they are built from 100% cedar to help ward away bugs. i need to figure out a custom drip pan to fit the bottom with drain plug for flushing… if i continue to scrog. the total height is 16" from the ground to the top of the scrog net. these were built with short and compact in mind. they are 20"x20" wide leaving plenty of room for airflow and moving around. the reason i went with a mobile scrog was because i built 2 flowering rooms which i will explain in the setup summary next.


i set up quite possibly the smoothest compact perpetual grow possible. this is how it goes. although i am setup for 4 strains, i am only growing 2 because I wanted to tweak and make everything perfect before germing 2 more. there is a seedling and veg box in one closet. right now i only have cfl bulbs in there. they have always done me justice so i use them. tight nodes and rapid growth. so start 2 plants there either seeds or clones and for 5-6 weeks thats where they live. then i move them under the t5 which you will see later. and start 2 more seeds/clones. they veg for 3 weeks under the t5 and then flower for 2-3 weeks under the t5. then, as they move below under the quantum board for their last 5-6 weeks, the others are following right behind, with another batch of clones/seeds behind. this setup allows 200ish grams harvested every 6 weeks while only using up approximately 10 square feet of floor space. thank you… please save all your questions until we are through.

here are the ladies for which this story was written.

Holy Grail Kush and Granddaddy Purple

ordered from attitude

here they are at 2 weeks old. this is when i started giving sensi grow.

june 1 2019

here they are at 5 weeks

june 22 2019

here at 45 days, they got tied down and placed under the 6 bulb t5. this turned out to be too much for this 2x4 space so i ended up switching 2 of the bulbs off.

july 2 2019

a couple of days later i transplanted and put them into their mobil scrog setup.

july 4 2019

after a few days, i cut clones and switched to 12/12

july 6 2019

here they are on day 18 of 12/12

july 24 2019

and here we are at day 28 of 12/12 and 28 days since the clones were cut. the kush got frosty much faster than the purp and already has alot of hairs turning amber. i am wondering if she will be finishing sooner than expected. i’ll start watching the trichs closly in about 2 weeks to determine when to flush. i’ll look to flush as soon as trichs start going milky. they are receiving sensi bloom and big bud now. they are under a 4x qb120 build.

august 3 2019


Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you and we’ll enjoy seeing your bud porn.


i cant get these last 2 pictures to load in. i’ll try to upload in a comment instead.


I’m a SCROG guy and likely you will find it a useful tool although the QB reduces some of the demand for height.

Here’s mine: adjustable up and down and sized for 3 plants in a 4 X 6 space.

I’m not sure about how long a cola you want but I don’t grow larf or small bud with it:

I shoot for 10+ oz per plant: that last grow was a hair shy of 2 lbs for 3 plants.


that looks awesome! maybe i’ll find the scrog is perfect for my goals. so far i feel like all of my efforts to reduce plant stretch may have backfired. i have seen slow steady very strong growth. i have pushed and pushed for tight nodes and now that they are each their own cola, they are too tight and going to smush each other. i have too many tops i think. i was considering chopping some out to precent mold and to only have one “top” per hole but they are all so frosty. and from the looks of it you have tops all over the place as well. i defoliated alot tonight, which i’ve never really done on my plants. i’ve started to see that it is necessary when utilizing a scrog. anywho… i’m not giving up on the scrog yet. still have 4-5 weeks to go. i appreciate your time and stopping by my humble grow!

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here they are this morning after heavy defoliating. this is not a tactic i am used to and i am hoping i did it well. kush is the orange bucket and orange hairs and purp is the white bucket and white hairs. although on this closeup, it looks like they are starting to turn. the leaf tips are pointing down slightly. i assume this is because of the heat. it is steady 80 in there. the qb setup is hotter than i expected. it is actually everybit as hot as the t5. i need a bigger fan and filter when i rebuild the closet. thanks for watching!


Did you seal your wood prior to putting it in there?

i did not. i figured that would eliminate the cedar odor and it would no longer deter pests. do you think they should be sealed?

Well…humidity and raw wood only spell one thing…MOLD. I would have at least hit it with a rattle can of sanding sealer as a moisture barrier. Mold will get deep into that wood and you would never know it. Just a suggestion.


I do kinda agree…
Mold is in your future , possibly …

humidity rarely touches above 50% and there is a good breeze going at all times. i will definitely keep an eye out though.

i am having trouble keeping day time temps down. they are sitting steady at 81. i put a frozen water bottle under the passive intake but no help. i just need 4 degrees cooler. but anyway. mid week update. this is day 32 of 12/12. after the comments above about mold, i defoliated heavily and pulled some large branches back above the string so they can raise up off the wood. i am being careful to make sure nothing is touching the wood. i am starting MOAB in the morning for 3 weeks and then i will remove the plants from the scrog for flushing and make sure the branches are all spread enough to help prevent mold. so. here they are.

holy grail kush

granddaddy purple



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Turn your lights down 25 watts or so: that will drop temps. Run your day at night too if not already. Putting a partition over your rez (I use 1/2" aluminized styrofoam) which dropped my rez temps 5F. Be sure to run something like hydroguard. LOTS of airflow in nutrient solution and reservoir. I have a 6" exhaust fan set up with a remote thermostat to maintain temps as well. I grow in a garage on the Central Coast of Cali. It’s not particularly hot but still have heat management issues.

i chose PVC over wood for the reason of sanitation (besides ease of assembly). Doing one screen per plant is always wise. I would however question your desire to remove plants from screen to do maintenance: that’s a recipe for multiple broken branches as your plant has in all likelihood hardened off since going in the screen.

You commented on the number of tops in my SCROG: you can go too far. I in fact overdid the supercropping/topping on a Gold Leaf a couple of years ago and had a canopy larger than the root mass can support. Loose, larfy flower was the result. Hydro will support a larger canopy, everything else being equal but there is a limit. HIgh intensity lights like new LED tech put a huge demand on the plants too.

i dont have a dimmer on the lights. however i checked the inline fan which is in the attic and it had a little bit more power on the adjustment. hopefully that will help. the lights are on from 2 am-2pm. we are just in our hottest month right now. how bad is 81 for just a few hours a day? my exhaust fan is too small for this room. i will be building a new room soon and will be upgrading.

i will be cautious about removing the net and may reconsider in a few weeks when it’s time. due to the heavy wind i provide and the constant low and high stress training, the branches are really thick and strong. but i know these tops will be heavy.

i appreciate all the feedback!

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I don’t get worked up until I hit 85F. My peak happy place is 84F.

If you are running a QB then you do have a dimmer and should see where it’s set. It adds a bunch of flexibility to your grow space. There is a little black rubber plug on the driver that you simply pull out (save to put back in) and a jewelers phillips screwdriver will allow you to adjust the potentiometer. A device like a “Kill-A-Watt” is a good idea and you can find that on Amazon or I bought mine at Harbor Freight.

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i didnt know about that! but if 81 for short periods isnt a huge deal i’m going to let it go full blast. now isn’t the time to hold back! :blush:

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update time. today is day 35 of 12/12. this week i stopped using bigbud and started moab. their first dose was yesterday. they are showing slight signs of some burn from it. so far it is minor, but i will keep an eye on it. if it worsens, next feed will just be sensi grow. buds are swelling nicely. i continue to “unscrog” the large colas to allow them to stretch up to the light making room in the canopy. i am still considering removing the scrog all together in 2 weeks when i flush. not making that final decision until that time comes because i have to make sure the branches can support the weight.

here is the blimburn granddaddy purple. she took the moab much more gracefully than the kush. very minimal signs of burn on her. hairs are starting to turn pink and orange very slowly and buds are swelling and frosting up like crazy. the trich production has drastically increased and are some of the strongest looking trichs! they stand tall and straight with a huge round head. i couldn’t get good magnified pics. i may order a better pocket microscope. nevertheless, here she is.

and the holy grail kush. i am most excited about her. she has been frosty since week 2 of flower. i just know this girl is going to keep me stoned out of my mind for months. she suffered the most from the moab treatment. i gave minimum dosage but it was still strong for her. but the buds are swelling so much! almost half her hairs have turned. so far it is looking like she will be done completely in about 4 weeks. but no sense in being presumptuous. we will just wait and see. nevertheless, here she is!!


Beautiful plants.

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thank you. it’s my first grow in years. i’m pretty damn excited. shooting for 200 grams. that would be about .7 gpw and 25 grams per square foot. of course the goal is always 1gpw+ but i am realistic about the fact i may be out of practice.

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