That was a fun project

So today’s project was installing another inline fan. Now blow into small and suck out the big.

From this to this
I didn’t have any trim molding to finish access.


I used to work in the Building Trades, I’ve seen whole buildings with less venting …lol!

Just kidding I see the difference I still don’t understand the three in the wall but that’s okay…

Just leave enough room for those fans on the top of the lights, you don’t want them right up against other equipment or you might get an overheating issue
-best of luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks @Paranorman I’ll have to fix later. The 3 are in’s n out’s. I put fans in attic so the small line is intake, right now ac when cold outside putting intake in attic. The other lines are in to the tents and one out into attic

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Man that’s a tangled mess , less s better and vent better , the more straight and I gut your tubing the less curves your air has to bend and curve around ? Whatever pattern your tubes run your sir has to travel , straight is simple and better flow , just my opinion but hope this helps , it’s air moving times physics ?


Thanks @yoshi I’ll tidy up lines. Didn’t think of that.

Don’t forget to insulate the duct in the attic or it will sweat when discharging AC into a hot attic. This condensate can potentially build up enough to stain your ceiling. Also I would have used metal pipe instead of the dryer duct lol but I’m a heating and cooling tech and have easy access to that stuff


I actually have return going into ac return. R-6 duct up there. This is Florida and humidity is high

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