Thanksgiving 2021 appreciation

Happy thanksgiving all my growmies! Smoke plenty of weed and eat plenty of food today everyone! I will be smoking one for all of you fine people today!:call_me_hand::v:


This thread ran me out of likes pretty quickly. But I’d like to take this oppurtunity to like all past and future posts in this thread!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

My plant wouldn’t be where it is today without everyone here helping me along the way!



Ha ha ha ha!

Best day for compost scraps!!! Onions, carrots, celery, garlic, etc!


Thank you @Joshmcginnis28,
May the light always shine upon you and fill you with abundance

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:point_up_2::point_up_2: you all just proved my point. This place is full of some good caring people. Thank you all for the well wishes .
Hope dinner was good and over stuffed naps are quickly approaching! Also hope , No burnt birds and no accidents with those who use a big deep fryer !


happy thanksgiving all!


Hey thanks @Joshmcginnis28 we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here as you’d know but I do try to be grateful for everything good in my life and that definitely includes all the wonderful peeps on this forum.
Happy Turkey Day to all you folks who celebrate it :purple_heart:


Yes this year has been one as I say. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride. Ours has been intense. Wife broke her thumb in 9 places and had to leave her job of 18 years. I found a deeper level of pain and old PTSD KICKED back in. Outdoor grow was amazing! We got soiled 1st yrar WOW! Now in the trenchs with indoor tent growing Whole new game. Both of us are learning just how giving GOD and people have been so far this year. We have gone to food pantries in our area and have been blessed so much. This is a Very Great Thanksgiving and both my Laura & I wish each of you more than you can hold this coming year. It growing ,in living and in loving. @CooterJuice @Newt @Nicky @beardless @OGIncognito @oldmarine @BobbyDigital @SilvaBack203 @Sigourney @TheVirginian


Happy Thanksgiving brother!!


Sorry to hear of some of your luck, just remember. If he brings you to it. He will bring you through it ! Wishing you and your wife the best !


:pray::pray:happy thanks giving and truly got say God is good man


Wow! Thank for the tag and including me in this beautiful community. It feels like home here.

Hope your Holiday is Merry & Bright.


Hope all my growing family in the USA had a great Thanksgiving


Actually, being tagged in this awesome topic, made me feel like im really “in” with the community. Moving on up! Happy 2021 holidays to all of you!!:+1::v::herb:


Hope you’ve had a very happy holiday !


I like this site, and certainly thankful for it, but I’m through for this year and just “testing” the results of this past harvest…thankfully I think I have enough to last me at least another year and have 20 WW fem seeds. This is to say I’m mostly thankful that Bergman created the White Widow strain to begin with, I really like the flavor, the high, it’s so nice I keep growing it when I do grow.

Mostly I’m thankful to have a new job, thankful I passed the drug screening, thankful I have a wonderful wife (was our 35 year anniversary on TG this year), 2 wonderful kids and that all of us are healthy. That’s a lot to be thankful for this year. November 25th, 1986 me and my wife were married at the American Embassy in Japan, one of the few places that acknowledge international marriage vows, AFAIK, no other place is accepted overseas. They interrogated both of us separated to find out if she was getting married to me just to go to America. We passed! :wink: 1993 was the first year TG was on our Anniversary. Then 1999, 2004, 2010 and now 2021. I couldn’t ask for a better Mother to our children, and my wife could be the single most important thanks I feel most every year. She’s not perfect, but neither am I. I was smoking weed when I lived in Japan before I married her, and here I am 35 years later and still smoking. Even though it’s legal in California, she still doesn’t like me doing it. :roll_eyes: It is one thing she doesn’t like, but she can’t say I tried to hide it all these years!

My wife calls me “usagi-chan” when I smoke, usagi is a rabbit in Japanese and chan is used for young people most often, either girls or boys. The reason is a rabbit has very small eyes, and when I get stoned she says my eyes are like an usagi-chan. Now you know one of our secrets… :blush:


Great post man. Very happy for you ! Have quite a lot to be thankful for ! Hope the good times keep coming you way. Thank you for sharing !


Quiet just the two of us a turkey and a cat