Thanks, my dwarf clone is doing much better

Thanks all for the help you’ve provided in the past.
After all of the issues this plant has been through, I believe it’s on the road to recovery.
The biggest issue was overwatering in a pot too big for it’s britches which left the majority of its root system to be removed.
It’s currently four months old and only one foot tall. But I’m fine with that, it’s being grown only for its esthetic attributes.
However, there’s still a little clawing going on so I purchased a ph meter and I found the readings to be 6.83 tap water going in and 6.62 for the drainage exiting out into a clean bowl. Are they satisfactory readings, or is some further treatment needed to bring the soil’s Ph to an ideal level? Stay safe people, enjoy the hollidays…elliot

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Which medium are you using?

Good Mafia,

She’s currently encased in Fox Farm Ocean Forest which I’m flushing whenever I can.

Your PH should be in range. Keep an eye on the PH though and try to not overwater it. She will be fine if you are following a feeding schedule.

thanks GM

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