Thanks God for Pot. Right?

Hey all. I was justing (that’s just thinking) about how appreciative I am for God Giving us Pot. Thank you God. I really like what you’ve done to the place. And I’m not even religious just baked as F lol I had to check which forum I’m ln!! Lol I’m baked HAha


Thank godness!

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The only way something can be psychoactive, is if we have receptors in our brains the active ingredient can fit into. Obviously, we make something like THC in our own bodies or it just would not work. I think we may stop making that substance as we age, which leads to accumulation of amyloid plaques in our brain cells. THC clears out those plaques completely. Better than any drug they’ve tried yet. So smoking a little weed may prevent Alzheimer’s!


Interesting idea

agreed. dun like alcohol …shit is dangerous. Watched too many good people use alcohol till it killed them.

Weed is God’s Gift to Humankind. De Bible says so


Great subject ! Not religiously affiliated at all ( was a Baptist preacher many yrs ago) . I’ve researched marijuana origins. Of course marijuana is Spanish slang and the word Marijuana doesn’t appear in language until about 15-1600CE. For those truly interested the first reference to Weed appears in Sumerian inscriptions of 6000 yrs ago. It was, according to the Sumerian god Ninmah and inscribed on clay tablets as translated by S. Kramer and in museums Philadelphia and London as well as Germany. Also referred to as Annunaki (also called Anakims in the James bible and anaki annakum etc in others) . “ I have this day brought forth a medicinal plant, one that grows on Nibiru to the LuLu ( workers) earthlings I have given it, for their many infirmities and diseases and sicknesses that plague them, my creations”. The text then describes Ganja to text book as we currently know it and explains that due to our … wait for it “hybrid being” we were plagued and continue to be with all kinds and types of maladies as any hybrid being would be and as is. No non hybrid creature on this planet is plagued with bullshit as we are. Do I believe it ? Wtf would anyone spend the time as it took days to inscribe a tablet with such scientific knowledge without having a true working knowledge of it ? I believe it before I believe the guy that says the great pyramid has four sides and was tomb horseshit. Ah I GreenCrack ramble and digress. Lol great pyramid has 8 sides. It’s convex


yes the Dogon tribe of Africa in their ceremonies explained the existence of the constellation Sirius for their creation mythology centuries before modern astronomy/astrology with hubble telescope was able to discover the constellation. How did they know?
Its clear that they had information from the pre-antedeluvian age given to them by the Annunaki. Yes cannabis is extra terrestrial in origin. It is given for mankind as the healing of the nations and the tree of life. It will be the remediation of the biosphere from radiation and chemical industrial pollutions. We are the possesors of the occult knowledge and mystery schools legacy. Great discussion!


Theology, Geology, Botany, Psychology, Mythology, all in seven posts. My kind of place. @basementstealth… AMEN BROTHER. Enjoy your crispy on the edges highness.


and the common thread is the miraculous cannabis plant. IMO consuming THC brings our psyche into communion with universal vibration. The bloop effect of the 21 trillion times per second that the universe is pulsating at. There is more space between atoms than material by exponential factors. We experience matter as solid but it is indeed a waveform at the same time. There is no existence or reality apart from consciousness.


I love ilgm forum. We are the coolest cats on the internet


Yes that truth (myth legend is applied by arrogantly ignorant archeologists and scientists unwilling to admit truth to their shame) was written down by an English explorer in the mid 19th century ? They were speaking of other ppl etc from the Sirius constellation but the Anak annunaki Anakims are from Nibiru a planet within our own solar system that may have been expelled from the Sirius constellation?? That truth hasn’t been found. Their planet is enternally heated by volcanic eruptions and a thick atmosphere which glows red and with ambient ultraviolet light. A god nah just ppl that live much longer to to their genetic engineering and the length of their lancets orbit. All life terms are tied to the spin and orbit around that systems Sun. The slower and longer the longer it takes for age to occur. These visitors even describe how their longevity was affected by the length of their stay here on earth. These are written with such scientific accuracy that for anyone to just dismiss these writings shows just how stuck to the narrative we’ve all had rammed down our throats at one time or another

Slow us down and you could see through an individual or any animate object for we are not solid and no atom molecule etc touch’s one another within these shells. It is consciousness that is life not the body or any physical form thereof.

So we need to engineer a human that ages independent of light hours, like an auto, but an immortal auto. Isn’t that what we are looking for in autos now? A perpectually flowering auto?
I suspect it may be possible to vastly lengthen flower, where you can selectively remove buds and the rest keep growing . And I think nutrients may be the key at this point


Lol coincidently I currently have an auto I’ve made two harvests from. Yep keeps on budn I assume it may hermie on me yet or die lol 6 months now Amesia haze I just took an oz off her last night and in the Dehydrator it went. I never have enough from one grow to another and this solves the problem. Pics of the little bugger ?

@Zsitchin…getcha a grow tent and stock up

Lol Got that covered. 5’6”X8’X8’h. I never have enough and wouldn’t , no matter how much I put up. :grin:

Time is relevant . These ancient texts describe how they aged quicker heredue to earths rotation and orbit and how they genetically manipulated the “plant”marijuana/soma etc to grow in earths various climates and then added certain ingredients for the hybrid workers many infirmities (human means exactly that hybrid )and for relaxation and uplift the spirit. On their planet grew (vegged) on approach to the sun and its waning and flowered during what they call “dark cold time it goes on to state how life and planet were protected by their thick atmosphere when closet to earth and helped warm it when farthest out. They called their orbit a Shar which scholars have diff opinion to its meaning ie 1000yr orbit 2000yrs and the most accepted 3500yrs. It’s really pretty darn cool to read texts 6K yrs old that describe our genetic engineering the problems incurred with it and why they did it and the plants and herbs that were given to us for healing but have long been forgotten. Not saying their isn’t a great creator they even talk of one and debate if it’s ethical to genetically manipulate us. Finally reaching a consensus that if the great creator gave them the ability to fashion a LuLu which means primitive worker ,then why not do it. Pretty weak argument for laziness if ya ask me. If I could half believe that a genocidal maniac was the god of the Old Testament and it was all about sin and not temper tantrums and who suddenly had an epiphany to send his boy to die here etc et. Then I could give this a go especially predating any biblical record by 3800yrs . I love studying ancient texts stuck away in museums that rarely see daylight nor their translations and when they do theirs always some guy that comes from a hole somewhere to suddenly denounce them and as the discovery of Nibiru in 1983 by the IRAS telescope it all goes quiet