Thanks forum l week into flower and im happy



Oh yeah plants look happy !


@37 that’s a tent full of happiness you have there :grinning: keep us updated I’d like to see :eyes: how they turn out


I absolutely will. Its all love.


@37 it’s time to put the scrog screen in now and start tucking and trimming a bit to get control of that back left corner in the picture , it’s stretching pretty good there , but nice work , all you need is a 4x4 trellis and zip tie to the 4 corners and have fun tucking the budding tulips down to create a full canopy !

Thanks alot ok i have four 4x4 ft scrog nets. I am a little confused on how to use them. Is it as simple as weave it through the openings and leave it or. Got any suggestions pretty please :grin:

My scrog net

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No matter what you do, make sure you have access to water them. Once that net goes in I can’t imagine it’s easy to plants out to work on em and stuff. You don’t have to net to keep in line. You could try supercropping the highest tops down to a level that works with the rest. Not sure if that’s recommended by the pros or not.