Thanks for your advice!

Hey guys,

I wanted to create this to thank @Deepsix, @Nicky, and @beardless!

I started my new growing a month ago, and followed Nicky’s instructions.

Look where they plants are now, just in 1 month!

I figured out that one of them is a Sativa and the other an Indica too late. Now, I keep adjusting the height of the indica to stay closer to the light. One is Skywalker OG, and the second is 8Ball Kush.

Thanks again! Can’t wait to share when they start budding!


Look nice and healthy. Keep us posted.


So what did you do? Transplanted into Promix HP or Coco? A cannabis specific media makes a huge difference.
Not having first hand knowledge of either strain I took a quick look.
8 Ball Kush is apparently 100% indica and grows to 1.5 to 3.5 feet (ILGM strain info).
Skywalker OG is 85/15 indica/sativa and ILGM says it is medium to tall. Other sites say 3-4’.
The reason I bring this up is for you to be aware of height / size limitations you may have and to plan accordingly. The planning would address veg time and any necessary training (LST, topping etc).
You have gotten over the first hurdle, now on to phase 2.


Hey, here is the set up
I used seedling starters, PromixHP, 1 gallon fabric pot, 300watt growing light, and I am feeding them Advanced Nutrients. The tent is 2*2 feet and I think 64 or 68 inches tall.

I realized the height difference and I keep adding support to the Indica plant to be closer to the light. I just started topping the Skywalker, but I am afraid that I have only 5 or 6 inches of space to move the light up before they get too close to the light.

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Do you have fan & filter inside attached to the ceiling? Is moving them outside the tent an option? I have a 7’ tent and for the current and future grows I moved both of them outside. I gained a foot of plant grow space. I posted pictures of the change to An auto, three photos and a clone if interested.
You may want to think about flipping them now.

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I have a ceiling fan, but no filter. I live in a 420 house and they are ok with the smell. They are in my room, so they have fresh air from outside, but these days, I keep it close because of the fires smoke.

I think I can move them outta the tent and hang the light up the ceiling, but that would make my room super bright. The light turns off around 1am.

I am gonna check your link and see what you did and how feasible that is for me. Thank you so much!

Hope you are safe. Our daughter lives in OR. Not in direct danger but we get updates from her.

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Looking good, just do the best with the space you have get creative.
Closets are where. Most people start

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Awesome looks great

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Thank you!