Thanks for the guidance

I want to take a minute to thank everybody who advised me through my very first indoor grow. Your skills and knowledge got me through two harvests so far and the result has been excellent.


I’m averaging 11/2 to 2oz per plant which is way more than I needed. I believe I have enough good quality weed to get me through the year


Great job now it’s only fair you teach someone else what you’ve learn about the best herb one can used medically !!!


You will find that your yields will increase as you continue to get feeding schedules, lighting distances, environment, etc… dialed in.
Happy for you to have gotten through 2 full grows so far!

Always good to hear someone with better than expected results. JTheH is right. If you figure out how to grow big roots the rest will follow suit.

Yoshi I spent a lot of years…decades… letting the VA shove pills at me until I discovered that a few joints a day did the job better. More than managing pain, it made me human again.


Big roots and dial it in to get bigger yields. Got it!
I’ll get right on that guys.:wink:

Actually I’ve enjoyed the whole learning process. My advice to any newbie is to read everything on this site before doing anything. It’ll save time, money and disappointment…and stay away from buying soil with nutes already in it.

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Yeah I understand completely , 3 plates and 6 screws in my neck is no fun , and the opiates sometimes don’t work , especially on nerve pain , but if you want bigger roots Richard , learning how to transplant proper and at the right time will help grow really big roots in soil , now in hydro it’s a whole different method of its own , but in soil transplanting at least 3 times will give your plants big roots . I learned that early on in my trials and errors , but it’s definitely a big bonus in your yield if you transplant a feminized plant at the right timing and properly .

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When is a good time transplanting after seedling or veg. And can you transplant in flowering too @irma1010