Thanks for EVERYTHING, this is fun

I dunno why some have probs, but some people always do. My experience with ILGM is totally positive since from the start…

I couldn’t believe it was possible. I ordered some seeds thinking “NO WAY!”

I got them…

~Holy BATSMOKES Batman…


They are smart enough to want customers to come back and buy again…and again…and again.

Rip me off once…never get my $ again


Yep! Trust is a big part of this business if not the biggest. I’d order all my seeds from them if they had a few more in stock.

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I wish they had single seed purchase available

~ You figure, if you plant five or ten as a home grower, that’s a lot of plants, and also some cash. But one or two at a time is no problem (if they hatch out)

SAVING seeds for later usually reduces the odds that they sprout and grow well


I just did a quick check up on your order and shipment, it shows delivered successfully + I don’t see any messages from you about trouble with the shipment or seeds so please send me a PM if you need my help with anything. :slight_smile:

My comment is a valid statement. 4 decades of ordering have taught me lessons.

I will explain. Several times I ordered from “OTHER SEED COMPANIES”.
A few times nothing ever showed up. A few times seeds were dead and worthless.
I don’t give them anymore of my hard earned money.

ILGM …IS THE BEST. Orders are blazingly fast delivered. So far the seeds have hatched with a very high success rate. After that it’s my responsibility to make a healthy plant after that.

Whoops, my bad for misunderstanding your post. I was afraid you had a problem with our seeds without us knowing but I’m glad to hear this. Thanks for the kind words! :grinning:

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We love you, @ILGM.Stacy!

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No worries Stacy, all is good!

Having experience with other types of plants and seeds though, I can say this:
If LIVE plants go by mail, the temperature (or lack of it) can be a problem not at altitude in the plane - but on the ground during shipment. The same may be true of seeds, but in an opposite way. Freezing does not harm most seeds

It is high temperatures that do. So if seeds are carried by a means that overheats them, they may be compromised

~ Just thinking out loud

Baggage compartments on air carriers are pressurized and kept warm because they often carry live animals

But how seeds get there, and where they go afterwards may be an issue that I have not had any trouble with that I know of

As I study that it seems to me that the one weak link is the postal service at the far end, when the “package” leaves the AIR Terminal. Everything else is under control

  • Time of year in different delivery areas can be an influence also, if it is a hot season