Thanks for all the help


Few pics and I’ll keep updates on this new hobby of mine. Thanks everyone who helped :+1::+1:


Looks very cool. Successes to you in this not easy matter! Very cool room made! I really like! I think you will reach a high level in the cultivation of the plant.



Very nice preplanning n setup. Hope the harvest is a good one.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


It seems that everything is located correctly, nothing superfluous. How much money was spent on all the equipment in the amount? I’m far away to that level, but still, very interesting.


Maybe around 1000 little more maybe, I changed the bottom passive intake with a 6 inch fan at 150 cfm and just a 4 inch return on too, being passive, this way I can force some air out my exhaust when it’s not running causing a air intake on passive intake on lung tent. :+1::+1: