Thank you to the Forum for the guidance on my first harvest

No questions this time, but rather a post of thanks and gratitude for all those who took the time to answer my newbie questions. I really appreciated the council, and I credit the forum with giving me the knowledge and help to not pull the harvesting trigger too soon. The recommendations I got on differentiating between the trichome maturation on the sugar leaves vs. the buds themselves probably upped my harvest weight by 20-25%. And the info. about mites and bud rot and how to spot and treat them was invaluable.

This was an outdoor grow. Lemon Dawg sativa/indica hybrid clone in a 20 gallon smart pot. Went into the sun on June 4, test harvested one branch on 9.10, and then did the full harvest today when I was beginning to see the

amber trichome % starting to gain ground. Not wanting too couch-lock of a high, I erred on the side of caution.

Pictures are:
Plant in the early bud phase.
9.24 Wet just trimmed buds.
9.24 bud closeup.
9/10 buds finishing their dry hang and a few days into mason jar curing.
9.24 trichome closeup.

My thanks again to the forum for all the great guidance!


Lucky you …lmao Your very welcome any time from everyone i’m sure. Any time you need help just ask and you shall recieve…



Nice buds you got there ,thanks for being part of the community.

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Glad it worked out for YOU!!!

Nice harvest off one medium sized plant. Let us know how it “proofs”.

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Oh buddy congrats! Great job! Let us know your final weight please.:grin:

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That’s a nice harvest… congrats :slight_smile:

LOL…I’ll try to remember.

The bouquet shown represents 80% of the plant. I harvested the other 20% of the bigger colas a bit earlier. Based on their now-dry weight, and the theory of "dry weight will = 20% of wet weight (and the first batch adhered to that ratio)…then my expected harvest will be in the 5.5-6oz. range.