Thank you sooo much. Hope your having a great day

Good day all. I hope everyone is well. So excited to be with you! I’ve been growing a while informally. Still that way although using some Nutes this year to enhance. aka…black strap molasses and MKP 0 52 34. East coast outdoor grow. Burr gettin colder. Had a frost two nights ago and made it thru w no cover. Hey. When would you stop w this lite amount of nutes? I do feed very lightly. Those lil Trikes are clear and milky and quickly going milky. Thanks to all who believe. Larry


Welcome to the group.
Pics would help the community help you. Filling out a support ticket would be even more helpful.

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Thank you very much. I so appreciate your interest. I am definitely proud of these girls this year. I need to up load a pic. I never did that. Is that easy in this site? I’m trying to cut at optimal time. Like the rest of the community, right!! Not sure if I need a flush or actually have the time to do hat. I have been quite honestly guessing pretty well for about 20 years although I am really into having a great personal crop this year.

Can I just post from my photos?

I stop my nutrients literally 2 weeks before pulling the plant. This allows the nutrients to get flushed out of the plant and soil.

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hey. Thank you again. Looking forward to your opinions. Is it harvest time? Too late for more nutrients! Thank you again!

What part of the world/country are you located?

It’s not time to harvest.

I concur with @Drinkslinger. Like to watch for pistils to change colors then begin checking trichomes for the optimal window. Watch out for frosts tho

Ok. I think that is a few days old. I’m gonna give you a pic real time. USA. PA. Thank you. I ll try to get close. Very cloudy day. The lack of sun that is.

2 days ago. Looking for pull time insight. Just fed small bit of Mkp and black strap. Thank you.

U have a while left to go. 3-4 weeks minimum im guessing. Can u show me the bud from the side angle?


You have a lot of time left before harvest. Like Purp said: 3 to 4 weeks and possibly 5 to 6.


Sure. Thank you. My fav number is 24😀

random sampling. Some to high to see. Ty.

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Thanks! Mines is 6… but 24 is gaining on me :joy:. And she looks good. U have some serious swell coming. So patience young grasshopper

You can say that again. I will one day remove that stone from your hand. Soon a balance w Frost. I may have two weeks if lucky. Keep feeding the lady’s or start to phase off?? Always been super lite Nutes. So super nice of you. (All).

Yup keep feeding. They need the PK for that big swell. N watch for any sudden frosts. Try to milk a couple more weeks outta her. Then straight water for another and ull be pleasantly surprised

So sweet of you. I’m gonna go with it. Thank you. May you have a major swell as well. Do you think 1 tsp Mpk (0 52 34) for a gallon H2O is how I’ve been loving them. Is ok. ? Yeah mon. . All in the ground. Thanks again.

Thats a great npk ratio for flower. May need a touch of N and some calmag before all is said and done. And i wonder the ppms of ur solution. But sounds solid

Good day friends …If I may… I have been using black strap for the first time this season. . Little bit Each watering. I snipped a lower branch to create energy above. It was also broken. . Found a lil fat green worm in the wet bud when I trimmed her. Oy! Unusual for me. I smushed it (lil bugger)and hung the few buds as an early first offering to hang. Do you think I should be concerned. I have about two weeks left of a very proud season. Everything is sugary. this is a bit concerning. Not sure if the rest of the lady’s have contracted this issue challenge. . Any ideas to get rid of this pest?. Would you stop the molasses. Thank you all. Getting down to the wire. Really worried. Thank you.

Its not the molasses. Leaf minors (little green worms) and caterpillars are pests in any garden. They can and will decimate grow ops. They crawl in buds and create rot from the inside out. @Myfriendis410 @garrigan62 and @Skydiver are all better equipped to help in ur fight then I am… pics would help a ton at identification

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