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After a couple of days learning from college Paranorman I made some changes. First I changed to flowering lights and started switching over to nuts with higher Phosphorus than Nitrogen and Potassium. I started this by using 1/4 veg nut and 1/4 flowering nut for 3 feeding then 1/2 nut for flowering. I could not find a NPK of 5-15-10, but I do have and used 15-30-15. I changed light schedule to 18/6. The plants are white widow auto flowering. They are in the 6th week 3rd day. I’m not sure but I think the girls look great. If anyone believes I need to change something please express your thoughts. I am a rookie and I’m not ashamed of it. Tonight I noticed the leaves have grown past the edge of the container and have a pretty dark green look. I have added some pics for everyones review.


What you are doing sounds the right thing to me. Auto flowers are a bit different than reg. How big is the pot it’s in? Sometimes you can stress them transplanting them. From what I have learned is plant autos in the pot you will use for the whole grow. I hope mine looks as good as yours, my WW auto just popped out of the peat pot it came in. Good luck and keep posting pictures so I can see how mines doing. :sunglasses::+1::deciduous_tree:
Ps looking at the last picture looks looks a little like a claw, this could be a few things. Some of the tips are brown. I’m hoping someone helps some on this, I’m not sure if I’m right or not.

Tlkbear after reading your reply I realized I might of had to much bourbon that night. I have 4 different plants labeled c,d,e,f. I posted 3 of f and 1 of d. The pics I just posted shows all four. When you mentioned a claw look I realized prior to the 21st the leaves were pointed up at a 45 degree angle. On the 21st I tested the soil ph,n,p,k and Ph and Nitrogen were slightly high. I might have used to much ph down. Since then I’ve stopped using tap water and started using rain water. The rain water is closer to 6.0-6.2 Ph. The pots they are in are 9" across and 10" tall. I Will post new pics tomorrow. Hopefully the leaves will be reaching high. Thanks for pointing this out. With auto flower you don’t get much time to fix human error.

Glad I could help. Yes autos can be a pain from what I have read. My WW auto just popped and under a T5 right now.:sunglasses::deciduous_tree:

In soil your ph could come up to 6.5, ph for soil can range from 6.3-6.9, and as far as “clawing” leaves go, that could be caused from the low ph, could be caused from low humidity, and that’s because when humidity gets to 0-30% is considered a dry climate, and when humidity gets to low evaporation rate goes up causing the plants the eat and drink more than they usually would, it could even be caused from nitrogen excess or nitrogen toxitcity.

Hope this helps best of luck

Thank you it seems what I’m seeing and reading this isn’t death to the plants. I hope I’m makeing the right decision. My plan is for 5 days I’m just going to water and monitor soil and water I add. Tomorrow I’m purchasing a TDS meter. Today I’ve notice growth and leaves seem to be correcting themself. Between now and end of week I’ll post readings and pics. My mother in law always said chill Mike it will be alright. Thank to all for support.

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My rain water tests higher here. Was pushing close to 8. I wonder if it’s because I catch it off the roof, attempting to catch more?

I used to never worry about it and just used it. What could be better than rain water!? Decided to check after learning how important Ph is to my girls.

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