Thank You Mod's, members and noobs!

Hello and thank you to all. Whether you provided much needed assistance to others or asked for help, I found it very useful as I had a lot of the same questions. Love the search feature to quickly get answers.
I unsuccessfully grew indoors in the early 90’s with HPS/MH and a homemade dump & fill I guess you’d call it. There wasn’t much info other than High Times’ occasional article.
So I stopped trying. Price of weed went through the roof, stopped smoking it in '97.
Vacationed in a legal state last winter and tried some and holy sheeit, 2 hits and I was so high I had to talk myself down. Relieved a lot of OFD (old fart disease) but at $30-$60 an eighth plus felt uneasy having driving license scanned. Which is what led me to finding ILGM and this forum. Note to self “no online shopping while toasted”. I’ve read quite a few posts over the last couple of months. The biggest benefit has to be if I’m reading, I’m not killing the girls, well not as fast. Spent a butt load of money getting set up and seeds and so here I am end of week 11 above ground with an over crowded 2x4x6 ACI tent kit one more order away from sleeping on the couch :grin:. Hmmm might need some more Grove bags, one more order can’t hurt plus I pick up the mail.

Sorry I’m rambling, really just wanted to say thanks to all y’all and ILGM for hosting :blush:.


Welcome to Club Canna!!


Right on! Good luck with your grow. This is a great place to be and learn. You have any pictures?


Thanks, haven’t seen anything but good people willing to help without being rude even when we noobs are freaking out over something we created in our ignorance


All of us have been where you are now. We work hard to make this forum a destination and sanctuary.


Last Sunday, day 71

Bud pic is my Wedding Cake auto, she’s displaying her Ruderalis structure proudly!


Y’all doing a great job!


This place is definitely known for the family vibe. Everybody I have met on this site is very compassionate about the plant and respectful of people’s feelings. @WilIy I think it’s people’s appreciation for what everybody does here is the reason everybody does it


Everyone here is quick to jump in and offer help. Sometimes it’s not the right help but with time, growers gain the knowledge and are able to pass it on. We do see some bad eggs but the members are good about policing the site and alerting the Mods to any potential problem. It’s a really good group of folks here.


I agree, that’s a big part of why I like this forum.

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That I could not agree More with!