Thank you for your support and seed replacement-really fast!

Some of my seeds came crushed, and I received supersonic fast replacement. I have to say this was incredible customer service.
i’m a lifelong customer… Budme


thats awesome, glad you got taken care of

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I’m having the worst time here. I’ve wasted a lot of time with seeds that are not growing. Please help

@Nik what’s going on?

I can’t get these seeds to germinate much more than barely opening and showing “tail” I’ve had in dirt a week or 10 days and it hasn’t broke ground yet

i see you created another topic

I have 4 more. I use a small sterile pill bottle with ph good water and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. It’s worked great before. Is any one else struggling with this strain?

What strain is giving you problems?

Extreme girl scout cookie…autoflower