Thank you for having me



my first grow was cfl


@Countryboyjvd1971 let’s do it well prove them wrong


@soilman837 do what brother ?


I’m making this it’s a high intensity led joule thief 9 volt led simple to make already got the supplies screw coincells this will it away


Blow it away👍 Joule thiefs help save the battery


I don’t think anyone thinks your cheap, I mean you spared no expense on your grow box. And your coin cell idea is crap plain and simple. IDC how many coin cell batteries you hook up to a light. I can hook up 100 coin cell batteries which I believe are 3V to a 23 watt bulb. Do the math you will never give the plant enough wattage to survive its life cycle. It may sprout and grow a bit but it wont live long. I think you should go back to guerilla growing cause you have shown your real good at that! Im not trying to be a d**k but you come in here trying to test people on guessing what strain your growing and then try to educate people on stuff that’s been on the internet probly before you were born and it just makes you sound like a str8 up arse hole. And the prius comment, the best. Your dads friend(ROFLMFAO), not even your friend but your dads friend. Cmon man what are you 5 years old? People come in here to give and get help not quizzed or bs from someone that knows it all. You know it all you should build your own website, vlog, forum!


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joule thief


My 300 watt vero 29 bar and 6 inch hyperfan pulled about $40 a month running 12/12. Granted my rate is fairly cheap compared to what I’ve seen from others. It was also yielding over 400 grams on 9 week flowering strain.

If you put up a grow anywhere near that using watch batteries for less, I’ll buy you a years worth of batteries.

Being an led nerd myself, I think what you’re doing is pretty cool @soilman837. Buy you’re not doing it better than any of us, and certainly not cheaper.

I don’t agree with people taking a poke at you, nor you to others. Like @Countryboyjvd1971 said, you do you man. As long as you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. But the rest of us definitely aren’t dumb for not jumping on board. Some of us even learned the hard way, a list you’ll probably join soon. And that’s ok, because we rarely forget those lessons. When you want to be civil, and need help, I’d be happy to help get a little something better going.


@dbrn32 thankyou


High intensity 5mm x 10 leds connected 100 ohm resistor connected to a 9 volt leads


Will not be using coincells next Wednesday will hopefully have this up and running


The moderators are laughing now or have been for a while this is so funny. The altruistic urge to provide someone with sound advice is getting threatened by the insistence to rely on inferior methods creates quite a conundrum.

Mods stay far especially latewood he would probably have a kitten if he saw this foolishness lol


@soilman837… would you like some help?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish here, but using batteries for just about anything is the least efficient way to power anything. The fact that you’re installing a resistor makes it even less efficient.

Do you not have access to ac power?

#176 Will no longer be accessing this forum do to the humiliation that I have caused. Clearly majority of people seem to laugh and that is fine.


Dude, I’m not laughing at you. I see what you’re doing, and understand how it works. But the cost of batteries is way too expensive to do this on a scale to have a successful grow. That light is probably enough to root a few clones, or maybe grow what would be a few grams dry. Definitely not worth what you’re going to spend in batteries alone.

If you wanted something like a flashlight that would only run a little at a time they’re great.

So I asked why you’re so insistent on running them from the batteries? You can build a grow light probably twice the size for what you’re spending monthly in batteries.


@soilman837 I hope your still around. If your so insistent on growing off batteries for the best interest of the planet, why don’t you look into a small solar panel setup? Harborfreight sells a small solar panel. I don’t know what else you would need to complete the setup your looking for but this is the start.


I know you guys said you can’t grow anything with batteries and you think joule thiefs are stupid well here you go just built one half asleep


Nice work I like the solar panel idea. Where’s the plant?