Thank you for having me


Found another blueberry autoflower already to go👍 Going to add two more hangers


Cardboard is better less hassel


CO2 should not be used in a garden where you have to constantly run your exhaust. CO2 should only be used in a well sealed garden area, and should only be used when there are decent periods of time between exhaust cycles. The most ideal circumstance is to use CO2 supplementation in a garden area that is cooled by air conditioning, and where the lights are cooled separately from the rest of the grow room (so you are not constantly exhausting your CO2).


been busy now time for vacation two weeks


Imo Spending the $ right the first time is best we all have a budget to work with but lighting is not the place to be cheap you will spend more over time growing inferior bud and it will cost you more in the long run
There are some nice lights for under 100 in the 300 watt rated range that will work great :+1: @soilman837


@Countryboyjvd1971 you guys can make fun all you want but I’ll be the one laughing when you guys run all your wattages and your electric bill is a grand or two and you get mold or spider mites. Mine won’t be that much and I don’t really care because (I’m not cheap). My dads friend drives a Prius and laughs when he see a Cadillac Escalade filling up.


I’m not laughing @soilman837 I wish you all the luck in the world if it works out I’ll give you props my friend I didnt say you where cheap either
I personally will run my lights and pay for the electric
I also have a Tahoe and would roll right over a guy laughing at me in a Prius I don’t care how good on gas they are I wouldn’t be caught dead in one
I’ll buy a tesla if I was trying to save gas $$$$
I don’t care about being green myself it cost me a couple buck to save thousands I’m good bro I have three tents and 8 lights
And I’m getting ready to buy a fourth tent and more lights :+1:
I don’t get mold or Spitter mites either lol
Happy growing :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


You and me both @Countryboyjvd1971 lol. I didn’t know Prius owners were so sensitive haha. He even made it to my thread to talk shizz about my greenhouse! Bahahaha


No worries @MattyBear we all have a budget to work with I guess
Your doing good stuff bro so don’t sweat it


Ok look up green ninja cfl


Why @soilman837
I don’t use cfls but if there’s a reason


I will only be using this site to buy seeds in the future. Thankyou for the kind words on both threads and have a great time growing sincerely


@Countryboyjvd1971 @MattyBear Prueba que estoy equivocado


does this help


@soilman837 I have a question. You say your coin cell batteries are better for the environment well what do you do with them when they die, make art? These guys are only trying to give you some good advice. I have a small tent and run a 300W LED full spectrum light and 2 fans and honestly my electric bill only increased about $10 a month its not even noticeable really and my whole setup cost me under $150, check it out.


I can’t put it on the meter not going to get in the facts so I’m taking you guys just want me to keep doing my guerrilla grow ok you can say what you want


I’ll be growing og kush next year auto is something I just screw around with


@soilman837 I wasn’t trying to discourage you in any means
Continue with the experiment and I hope you prove us all wrong and grow huge buds
When you do tag me and tell me and say I told you so hahhaha
Happy growing brother :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


Love your new home! What part of the country/world are you?


Going back to what my grow box was ment for cfls