Thank you for having me


Very nice it’s og kush. My plant has a red stem can you tell what I should do. It looks fine from above people say it could be genetics


Red or purple stems are genetics, phosphorus deficiency which she doesnt have and cal Mag deficiency which she may slightly be hence the yellowish pale color


You guys are awesome! Ya she seems to be doing fine I’m going to buy some espom salt I planted her may 26 I was worried for a second there thank you guys I’ll keep you updated




Had to check on the rain container for watering and I added some better soil that I had in a better hole


awesome it will be shooting up quick now


I have never topped them I have branches coming off all of my branches

maybe next time


Cute clones tbf


Nice topping would have made them bushier but over all they look great your going to have one big bud woohoo @Touretteboy


I love your garden, keep up the good work​:+1::evergreen_tree:


I don’t want to be one of those pain in the butt, when I water I like to water slowly wait do it again quite a few times because it seems to me the plant grows quicker due to being pacient. Like for example in California plants get 10 gallons per feeding and indoors should be similar. They may not be getting intense heat inside but it should be treated the same bigger space bigger year better grow area better quality.


in about 3 weeks I’m going to pull the table out and gain 18" inches of room the light is maxed out at the top of the tent now lol


Transplanted her to a better spot


@Touretteboy I’m just curious why you like this pic I think the plant looks kind of sick. She did grow bigger though which is good. I now don’t have to use a plastic cup to feed the plant, I just use the container where the rain water is collected. I just use the bottom of the water jug ha ghetto but effective


I liked it, cause it still has green on it and it is not slumped over yet, lol


lol that’s true


I have some sad news everyone. Betsy my og kush plant has died now I have to go indoors made my growbox bigger growing blue berry autoflower



High intensity leds coin cells and homemade co2