Thank you for having me


lol I did think they where from seed lol
Lovely looking house brother and woohoo on garage man cave you be able to get somethings done in there for sure
Happy growing :v:️:cowboy_hat_face:CB


there is still room for them to grow but they have reached the 9 week threshold as of today, starting the flower cycle in the morning 9 to 10 weeks of flowering time for girl scout cookies adding new pic today they are huge now lol


That’s what I was getting at yesterday you haven’t started to flower and they are huge
Once you flower they streach and will almost double in hieght? Im curious to see how they handle your space bro


I have a surprise for them, they will be moving in about 28 days, to a new 8x8x12 brand spanking new tiled grow room, I am buying one other new light, just like the 600 watt one I am using now and 4 110 watt waterproof side lights I will put the 54 watt ones in the center of the four walls so 8 waterproof side light’s and two overhead 600 watt will take lot’s of pic’s lol total coverage is my goal, cant be done in my tent without risking a fire, after installing the four 54 watt lights last year I noticed a wicked improvement in growth,


just measured the largest one 42 inches tall, I was only getting 34 or 36 on indica grow’s, without the side light’s, at 9 week’s awesome sauce help’s too lol


how tall is the tent? They’re getting huge!!



Kind a looks like my place congrats on the girls they look great love the light to light goes to show you a good light goes along way


it is a 9 foot gorrilla grow tent, 36x36x8 normally butt I had the extension and the room above for it, my wife kind of freaked out when she saw it, went floor to ceiling, she was like “really” lol


She’s at 42" and she’s just going into flower? Oh man she’s gonna get huge in the next 3 weeks dude, this is going to be great! I’ll definitely be watching. Now would be a great time to top or do some LST if you wanted to.



we are talking about that right now, due to how well they are doing and since they’re new accommodations will be even better than the tent, we might let it go a week longer in veg give ten weeks veg and ten week’s flower or so lol


lol do it!!!



I’m a firm believer in spring water and nutrients every time I water, once a day 24 ounces of arrowhead and grow big, I make a gallon jug with far less than half of the recommended dosage of grow big and give them only 24 ounces of water per day but every friday like this one, I take them out of the tent, clean the tent and saturate them, I use foliar spray, so I clean it once a week, like it or lump it, I hate bugs lol


I have been doing LST since about the first month or so I have a bark like outer shell on the branches from bending and positioning them where I want them not on all the branches, the lower ones mainly up to about the 6th or 7th set of branches but one time a day I bend them and twist them a little to make them think this guy has got to a sadist lol not really but you get the jist lol they love the side lights I turn the plants everyday 1/4 of a turn to take full advantage of the side lights, I have never clipped a plant at the top my wife wants me to do it though lol


I gotta ask dude, why not make them bush out? I mean t5s all good getting s massively tall plant but will she yield a massive amount? I read it’s best to have a phat rose bush


I agree, I have never done it and am worried about doing it but I am willing to learn about topping them




lol I thought it would fit better but it didn’t lol can anyone guess what strain



@soilman837 I think it is impossible to tell the actual strain. Looks like a hybrid Some leaves look indica, others look sativa