Thank you for having me


They provide me with so much enjoyment, whether it cost’s a dollar a clone, to make your own clones or 16 dollars a clone, to buy them, I love every batch some more than others lol I am getting a new tent soon, I’m going to be setting up a vegetation tent, the entire process in one tent is too long, I ordered a 300 watt viparspectra led light and a 2x2x5 tent, a couple of fans, for the next batch lol


I’m considering a two tent setup myself! I’m probably never going to grow more than two or three plants at a time but I do like the idea of staggered/ perpetual growing.


yeah put them on to veg, when your last batch switches to bloom, perfect


For me the perfect setup would be 3 2x4 tents with a new set of sprouts every 6 weeks or so. I could just grow 2 plants in each tent. I am thinking of growing a mama gold leaf for clones as well so we will see how it all plays out!


End of Week # 5 Vegetation stage


@Touretteboy… Nice job… When you say week 5 veg, How many weeks from sprouting is this?.. What is total time of grow?.. Plants look huge!


That’s five weeks from clone’s, they were two to three weeks from the cloner, the one in the back on the right had issues but it survived and is doing well, I’m thinking of keeping them in Vegetative stage for an extra week or two, to let the one that had issues catch up to the others, I dropped a pair of scissors on it and nursed it back to health, I think it will catch up but instead of 9 weeks veg it will be 10 to 11 weeks veg lol maybe we will see


these are girl scout cookies from two separate genetics companies, one is more of a sativa and the other more of a indica but the genetics leans towards indica combined with sativa this is going to be a monster of a grow either iether or these indica primarily plants are at 29" at this time and growing with the branches yet to cap out, at maybe 34" for the top branches I already have bark like like material on my lower branches due to LST training, I like to punish mine, I only use spring water and fox farm, big grow and big bloom the other is 3 part is, to traumatic, with black strap molasses for the last few weeks of flowering and then a 2 week rinse, spring water only, I shit you not I will weigh it this time the 8 or 9 mason jars cant determine weight but do reflect a good amount 1 and a half ounces per mason jar is a good guesstimate


we are talking about it really I would love to have it but it’s outside of the area I want to live in


I just saw person online growing a plant using a Home Depot bucket as a grow box. The person used a two gallon grow container.


Just got back from house hunting made an offer on one, I will post pic’s of my girl’s tomorrow, I had a person here to water them and toggle the light’s for me, they are growing like weeds lol


getting ready to flip over to flower soon they are huge for Girl Scout Cookies lol


I have been really busy, my wife and I bought a new house, a lot easier than a fixer upper for sure, lol I have not had much time to play on the internet, thinking of ya’ll though


woohoo on the new house curious your last picture your plants where at least 5 feet tall and you where going to put in flower how sat did you run out of room in tent?


Week 5 from seed? Gawd daym, hugee plants for 5 weeks… or even longer really. What light is that?


Can’t be from seed :thinking:


Congrats on the new digs brother! Awesome news.


This is what we bought 1800 sqft living space in the house and 800 sqft in the garage it’s all man cave lol


no they were clones


nice! good luck with the new home @Touretteboy