Thank you for having me


Guerrilla grow can’t do it inside looking forward to next year :+1::fist:t5::evergreen_tree:



@Countryboyjvd1971 :+1:




@soilman837 lol what is going on here
Are you still try to grow indoors ??
I’ve been busy and just had the time to catch up brother


Ya this is what I believe is my plant ha


But why does it only have one leaf


Hahaha ok buddy I’m still following along :v:
@soilman837 I believe it just hasn’t popped all the way out yet give it another day bro


Nice :+1: can’t wait :blush:



I’ve been adding co2 to this box when I just realized that there is a vent. The original box started smoking


I have a beaded air freshener and I just purchased a months worth of batteries for $10.61


StI’ll alive folks just really working hard here to


@Touretteboy how your ladies doing? :+1: Please post some pics :blush:


she has two leaves now and they are ready to open very soon :+1: @Touretteboy sends some pics will ya


I think I see what looks to be a sprout, that’s 18 days from planting? Your lights may not be producing enough energy.


Could be but also had trouble along the way


It’s been about nine days actually. I had seed issues and this sprout fell out of the seed when I was taking out the container. I found it a few hours after.


seems to be doing just fine. You can give me all the crap you want I’m trying to be and stay positive that what gets me through the day