Thank you for having me


Fever lol I just bought ak 47 auto will get them soon​:+1::fist:t5:


Dude I truly hope you prove us all wrong I told you that a while back bro
I skeptical this will work but I’m pulling for you. Brother hope to see big flowers :hibiscus: @soilman837
:v:️ CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 thankyou it won’t cost a lot to run it means a lot my buddy who is a big time outdoor grower said it should work fine thankyou for the positivity :+1:


Bought a 5050 growlight that cost $20 month to run will show you pics soon :+1:




Does qualify as indoor


Does this qualify as an indoor growbox


figured out how to work it👍 The on switch wasn’t really on all the way


Lights have been going on for 5 days straight seeds will arrive in five to seven business days


I should get the seeds today or tomorrow :+1: @Fever


Just planted :+1:


@soilman837 just getting caught up on my reading
How many you plant and what strain bro
I’m getting ready to crash so if I don’t respond I’ll be checking in tomorrow lol
Woohoo brother happy growing :+1: :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


Autoflower ak 47 blue light is on for veg I excited :blush:


Just one seed


Blue spectrum is good for veg 5700k :+1:
Saw this the other day it can be set for veg or flower colors :+1: Same bulb


Planted another seed because the germination process didn’t go through on the first one. Put new batteries in and have enough to last up to 31 days that cost me $11 not bad for a month 24 hour light cycle on blue for four days straight plus co2 one love :blush::+1:thankyou for the help


Keeep me posted @soilman837 I’m what to know how this turn out :v:️ CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 ok will do :+1:


@MattyBear @Countryboyjvd1971 doing a home depot bucket growbox same concept screw my box too much of a hassle and light always seeps out