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This what i do in the winter. Plants need light water air food provide these to the right amounts and you’ll be golden
Coin cell batteries
Homemade co 2
Plants breathe in co2 during the day
Most important ingredient of all autoflower seeds they grow by age not buy light


Disagree with this all plants need light in order to photosynthesize and produce sugars to there fore grow without lights plants cant produce the sugars or photosynthesize properly and will soon or later die


No crap :poop: I’m using lights leds no crap plants need sunlight to grow lol


All plants grow with age lol you should word your stuff better to save confusion for people

I think rather than grow with age a wise move on your behalf would be change the words to flower with age instead of flipping the lights makes it much easier for people to understand :wink: let alone comprehend


Well put my Rasta :blush: Do you like the idea though


Personally I dont use Co2 otherwise seems efficient


Thank you finally some likes it!:+1:Co2 is nice I like it


(Some one)


Never really used it or found it nessacary lol but if it works it works


I want to stay green that’s all



damn @Touretteboy that tent is so nicely set up! I love it!



I spent a lot of time with trial and error, not to mention the lights, it’s not a lot of coin but it would not have been cheaper to buy one of the grow boxes, as the grow boxes dont have humidifiers or dehumidifiers, no controls for humidity or temperature, the temperature the least of the concerns, humidity is the big worry or that is my opinion, as plants that grow out of doors are subject to temperatures below and above, that which they are subjected to in a tent, 68 and 80 degrees is ideal, I run my tent with the humidity controller mostly 52% to 65% Vegetative, 48% to 50% for flowering, whatever the temperature is, for the most part it is but never below 68 degrees lol I get about 8 or 9, 1 quart Ball mason jars full, per grow and the clones for next batch if I want them, I don’t sell it, I smoke it, so I grow for quality not quantity, I just like weed, that makes my ears warm and fuzzy on the first rip is all lol


This was sour d that came out right before the others went in not enough O’s in smooth to describe it lol


Like @Majiktoker I don’t use Co2 either. My tent is in my office where I spend 8+ hours a day. I leave the tent partially unzipped to help with temps since the lights are also on during this time. I figure, they get all the Co2 they need from me… we have this symbiotic relationship. Lol


Add four more leds and co2


Adding there high intensity leds five mm from Amazon for $10


@Touretteboy very nice set up great-looking bud do you have any questions man you’re more than welcome to hit me up love your set up though


These are the end of week #3 and week #4 Vegetation stage, “Girl Scout Cookies”