Thank my flowers are to small

Im 27 days in to flower had a few problems in the first week of flower soil ph got it fixed but at 27 day in i thank there small just wanted to see what everone thought thank i i 20180709_193722|375x500

What strain are you growing?

Yup, the flowers are a bit small. You still have a few weeks left and they should fill out a little. Looks like you’re suffering from “amazon blurple” syndrome. I.e. Not enough light.

How big is your space and what are you using for lights?

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Im useing 2 600 led and my space is a little ove a 4x8 space and there just some bag seed its be a wile cense i grow so i did a test run with these so i dont no what stran they are i thank it just the stran because i have some banna kush and black berry kush that is doing just fine under the same light and the same size room and iv been haveing problems whit the other one from the beginning iv been leaning towards bad stran sents i started them

Too many plants in one space for the amount of light. @ronnie_miller this is the main issue.
That same bag seed plant might do a lot better if it had the light all to its self.


Thank u looks like im buying new light would 2 1000 watt be good iv been wanting to get some new ones anyways

Time to tag in ilgm’ s most popular light guy @dbrn32

What’s your budget and what space would you like to light?


I have 5 x 8 space im just going to have to look around and find some for a decint price dont have a hole lot and i no they can get pricey

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Are you planning on growing In the entire 5’x8’ space, or just part of it? That’s a fairly expensive footprint to light.

That’s a huge space! 40 square feet will cost a small fortune to light properly even using inexpensive lighting.

If you’re on a tight budget, I would consider shrinking your space down some by hanging a piece of Mylar or panda film in there. Then look at something that’s going to give you high par levels per watt like quantum boards. They’re gonna cost a little more up front, but they’re also going to put a lot more light into your tent.

There’s a pretty good chance the leds you’re using aren’t any better than hid. But you’re definitely under powered looking at the footprint and node spacing. If you’re on a tight budget and want to grow in the whole space, you may want to consider going to something like 4 600 watt mh/hps rigs. Probably air cooled hoods too if you don’t have a/c.


I have 2 old hood grow light that i us to grow with there 1000 watt high hps light but every one around me has been talking about these led saying there the best so i thank im going back to the lights that has always work for me i should of never swiched and im cuting the space down hopefully it work im not shur about swiching the lights right now dont now if it will hurt them

@ronnie_miller. - Im a beginner and this is my first season growing Auto’s, got a good deal on White Widow 10 for 10 , compared to mine , which are in day 20 of flower , they look SMALL , I’ll try to upload a photo, I’m on my phone but if I can’t I’ll try with my laptop


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They look good im just going to let them finish and go back to my old light and stick with what has allway gave me good results in the past

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You’d need about 2000 watts of MH/HPS to light 40 square feet fully. You need about the same with amazon blurple watts, and that’s watts drawn from the wall, not some marketing “equivalent” BS.

If you get really good HLG or similar COBs or strips, you could do it with 1500-1600 watts. If you can’t afford that, I would cut the lighted space down to whatever if takes to get that light level. I like cardboard sheets I paint flat white for that. Wood panels works good too, if you paint them flat white. Cutting the space down is pennies instead of spending big money for more lights. You can always remove the reflector walls when you save up to buy more lights.

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No matter the size of the space or type of light you need to be around 50 actual watts per sq. Ft.

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Some of the really efficient COBs or strips put out enough light per watt that 35 watts per square foot will do.

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I’m no light guru, but if you’ve got more lights available I’d put them in the tent. You’re only 1/2 way through flower there’s time for them to fill out a bit. They’ll never become beer can sized, the nodes are too stretched, but you might get some density.

Just be careful of heat in the tent, and start the lights out fairly far away for the first week. If you see light burn, bleaching, or leaves trying to curl up and escape pull the lights back further.

Which led lights are we talking about?

Thank i put my old light on them and the actual getting bigger should of never switch or should of just got better led thanks for the help

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Don’t blame yourself too much. A lot of LEDs have misleading marketing. I bought several blurple leds too, only to discover they’re fairly underpowered.

Its a good thing i found out befor i put my banna kush under them my other one are starting to get a little size to them sents i put them under my 2 1000 watt hps i migth actually do ok on them