Started my first grow any advises or help appreciated.
Here some information about the grow:

  • Indoor grow
  • Strains: Dosidos & Sunset Sherbet (5 plants)
  • Tent: 4x4
  • Light: 4x PARFACTWORKS HB15000 (150W)
    [Total Wattage 600W]
  • Grow medium: Soil in 3 gallon fabric pots

Other Infos:

  • One inline Fan 4"
  • One Carbon Filter out 4"
  • Stand fan
  • Clip fan
  • Humidifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • nutrients (general hydroponics Grow,Micro,Bloom)
  • CalMag
  • Bigbud

It’s my first grow, so I hope to learn as much as possible from this grow.

I gonna update regularly here into this grow journal please feel free to help me and let me know if i am doing something wrong .


Seeds had a nice bath in water for 18hours and are now in cotton pads hopefully ready in 2-3 days to plant into soil :slightly_smiling_face:


I will follow along.
Hope it goes well.


Hitching a ride…


Good growing and good learning to you.


Seeds are now since 26 hours around in Cotton Pads + Zip Lock.

And just checked on them 3 of 3 Dosidos having nice roots coming out.
2 of 3 Sunset Sherbet having roots one seed is very dark and not even popped open so I guess this one will not come but it’s fine for now :pray:

Gonna wait another day or so and than start planting the baby’s

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Good luck with your grow. I am going to hang around and stalk you, too.


Let’s go!!! The grow has officially started.
They sprouted nicely and developed nice roots in the Cottonpads + ziplock.
I planted them today and put cups as humidity domes on top.

I got a little problem the room where i grow in is on the weather side where the sun shines around midday and as i am in Thailand it’s getting so hot inside the room on the day.

My temps inside the grow tent are getting definitely to high. I gonna start from tomorrow turn the lights of from 11am to 5pm like this i run 18/6 hours of light and the light of at the hottest time of the day.

I guess this will help just a little bit any recommendations how i can get the temps down ?

I got an inline fan 4inch which gets the air from outside as the air is cooler outside and an fan out 4inch right now i got invert pressure on the tent and the walls sucking in which i hope shouldn’t be a problem. Fans running as well so not sure what can help reduce the temps. I got an AC in the room but don’t want to use it as it would let my electric bill explode.

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@DMTom I started running my tents with lights on at 6PM simply to fight humidity and temp’s. 2 fans per tent is a must for me in VA due to heat/humidity. Looks good, have a great plan in front of you!

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Set to watch good luck with your new venture. :+1:

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Thanks legend yes this is my plan for tomorrow on.
Lights off from 11am to 5pm and i am thinking of replacing the 4inch inline fan with a 6inch the only think what worries me is than i probably need a new outlet fan as well. As i will loose the negative pressure and probably have positive pressure .


I would think you would need 2 fans, yes. I was running a 6" exhaust fan and a 4" intake fan, it created a negative air flow, but the sides were sucking in and keeping the articulating fans from swinging, so I had to dial the smaller fan all the way up (intake fan) and lower the exhaust fan.

Good luck brother!

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Thanks a lot !! You gave me a good idea.
So what i got these two both 4inch

So I my idea is i gonna order another 6 inch inline fan.
Than but the 6 inch on the bottom left where air from outside my window will be sucked into the tent.
And I will have the black one stay where it is which sucks air from the top inside of my tent trough the carbon filter and pushes it out of my window.
So that my tent not explodes i will put the other 4 inch fan on top of my tent and let also suck out air trough a duct from the inside top of my tent.
As i can adjust the speed of the black 4inch fan i can adjust the negative pressure of the tent and all should be fine i guess. I hope this makes sense and I explained it the right way and it’s understandable.

Another question is is it bad if the 6inch fan runs with a 4 inch duct ?

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Perfect! I don’t think the larger fan will run with that. The size of the hose will restrict the fan motor, could cause it to wear out quickly. I would order the 6" duct, it’s not too expensive, Amazon would be a good choice or a hardware store near you.

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Area Formula for circle is PIE(3.14) x RR (Radius Squared).

4" Diameter= 2" Radius
Radius Squared= 2x2=4
x Pie = 4 x (3.14) = 12.5cuin

6" math
3 x 3 x 3.14= 27cuin

So your 4 inch intake can only supply less than half the area for intake and impeade your 6" fan greatly.

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What he said. 6" at 25feet Amazon/vivosun (insulated) or Home depot (no insulation).

I got the math wrong, previously. Two 4inch intakes can’t supply the 6" fan as well as one SIX.


Ordered one 6inch intake fan
And 3m duct 6inch.

So gonna have 6inch intake fan air in and 2x4inch fans air out.

Give this a try and see. Thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

Day 1 !!!
They came out fast didn’t expected them to be out that fast :star_struck:

And since motor is cooled by the airflow through the duct it will overheat.
I see you went with the 6"…I should have read it all.

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Got a question all of them opened up nicely and the next pair of leaves are coming.
But one plants first two leaves are still sticking together there was a kind of telly or glue from the seed which made it stick together and now it’s not open up is this something normal and will fix by themselves?

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