Thailand Growing

Hi All,

I have looking for any information regarding growing in Thailand.

Does anyone know the better strains for the environment? Predominately I will be growing is glasshouse using blind darkness technology for 12hr dark period.

How will auto’s grow outside? in the glasshouse without the blind darkness?

Which strains are prepared?

Insects to be aware of?

Appreciate your comments. Please no comment regarding legality as this is already sorted.

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Im sorry, what is this?

You wont get anyone here who cares of you are choosing to break laws, you will find they mostly care Bout your not getting arrested. Stealth tips can be found here on the boards also. Welcome back.


It a blind that runs along the inside of the glasshouse to stop light coming in. This way you can use natural sunlight and reducing the lights with the blind.

Re, your comment on legalities. We have licenses and are not illegal. Please do not waste my time with these comments as I have requested.

We’ll make allowances for differences in language, but this is confrontational and not tolerated. Be polite.

If darkening a greenhouse you will need to be sure there are no light leaks or it won’t work. Autos would do fine outside but no idea what creepy-crawlies that like cannabis live in Thailand. My first thought was to locate individuals who grow in your country and try to procure local strains adapted to high heat and humidity. Likely sativa-leaning ones would better handle issues with bud rot etc.

I would recommend planting in containers so you can move out of any weather if necessary. (Monsoon rain and ripe buds don’t mix well I’m afraid)

Good luck and ask away!


I’ve been in touch with growers from Thailand and Laos as I have lived in both countries for sometime. The issue with the saliva’s is the can get so huge and out of control. At present, I’m liking Bruce Banner.

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I just wanted to make it clear the direction and information I’m asking didn’t get caught up in and distracted. Apologies to Docnrag if that’s how it came across. I’m sure you understand how a thread can be hijacked and moves in a different direction. That’s what I want to avoid.


Thank you for understanding. This forum is unique from all others I’ve seen in that we maintain polite discourse here. If there is an issue, members can flag the post for our attention.

You’re probably in the best place to get your situation dialed in: there are members from an amazing number of countries here.


Does this site seed seeds to Thailand?

We are not involved with the seed shop. ILGM hosts this forum and pays for it but it’s an open forum to all growers. I would suggest an email to customer support to determine if they do.