Tggs Beginner Grow Journal :D

Hey everyone, the names TGG ( The Good Good) lol, this will be where I try to make and keep updated on my first journal ever, I have a history with marijuana ;), and have done ( ik ik ) a successful in the closet grow before some years back, and this is my first time actually buying seeds and doing it the proper way.

I have bought some Super Silver Haze (SSH) seeds, and have built and set up my own grow tent type ordeal ( i forgot to get pics of the build process unfournatly,

Grow Tent build- 8x4x7 wrapped in plastic (don’t have any panda film yet)

I’m not very good at making and typing out what I’m doing or trying to do

basically, I’m here for any advice and help I can get,

for the first grow attempt I’m going to be doing 5 seeds out of my 20, I’m gonna attempt to do the SCROG method of growing, I will try to stay posting on here and adding photos of the room, plus the growing process, so just bear with me lol


soil= fertilized dirt from behind my old cow barn,
grow lights- 2x2 T8 fixtures (3 bulbs fixture)
vent- Vivosun 4" fan with carbon dioxide filter.

Thank you all for any advice and help in advance, I’m super excited to do this with yall, and see how this goes :smiley: thank you


Nice, look forward to watching these grow! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

Roger that. Nothing beats free.

I use composted cow manure for my soil builds. 4 parts coco coir, 1 part cow manure and a couple of handfuls of perlite per gallon. That’s for indoors, outdoors gets another part cow manure.

SCROG looks nice and I might try it. I’m currently too busy with my outdoor plants. Welcome to the community. Make sure to post pics. Happy growing.

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a little bit of an update for ya lol, finally got a couple of pics taken, and let me say, please don’t mind the mess lol, I’m a 25-year-old who just learned what a raspberry pi is, and have been going crazy lol, ill be sure to clean it up next pic flood,

the “grow tent” in the pics is kinda sloppily put together at the doorway entrance, and the system for hanging lights, ( which I got 15 of those 2x2ft lights for 60 bucks) unfortunately they are only 4100k, so I’m trying to scope my property for different lights, ( I have some led light strips wonder if I could get a spectrum going with those?)

as for my way of thinking for all of this is the KISS method lmao, what I had originally wanted to do for my first legit time attempting to grow indoors wassssss,

a fully automated, IoT sensor-controlled closed environment Aeroponics grow, ( yeah I know lol, wtf) I will, however, KISS for right now and make my way to that, and only add the difficulty level of SCROGing for now, which btw, looks insane for the results.

anyway i ramble , Thank you @Covertgrower and @MrPeat for the welcomes :smiley: :smiley: and @oldmarine you’re damn right , i base my live off of the times of Do It Yourself, and Making something from nothing,

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Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your grow

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I would probably cut this with some Peat and/or perlite. Straight dirt will compact and get hard from the constant wet/dry cycles your plants will go through. If it does, won’t hold water like you’ll want it to. Mid grow soil compaction problems aren’t fun at all.



What a lovely place you live :slight_smile: welcome aboard mate


Update #2

5/5 plants have successfully been germd


Better take a photo mate

All 5 Plants

First plant-- bottom left

Second-- bottom right

thrid-- top left

fourth-- top right

fifth-- middle

middle one is tiniest


Alive and healthy good job!

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quick update


somebody, (not gonna point fingers) accidentally dropped the device that reads humidity and temperature on their plant (#5) and it broke the stem by smashing it , soooo on uncountably down to 4/5

RIP #5 forever missed, never forgotten,

other than that, I believe plants are just about in the veg stage, so iv began going from around 24hr light to a lil more than 17/18 light and 7/6dark schedule



so I could just be a little bit of a worrywart, or overthinking it, but I feel like the stems on my plants might be a little thinnish, as in I would personally like them to be thicker if I can make them that way, even if they are healthy and doing just fine,

Is there a proper way to do that?


What is the proper distance away from plants my lights should be, I have a mixture of LEDs/ Fluorescent bulbs for the full spectrum (this grow is ran off the DIY FREE mindset so I don’t have the best of lights)

Huge thanks in advance

Current update to the plants:) :slight_smile:

4/4 are alive an doing well. 1/4 is doing slower than the others lol. Same conditions and everything. Literally only difference is the soil mixture percentage.

Question: when is the correct time to start doing scroging? Also any tips from you guys :slight_smile: ?


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They will thicken up , for light heights the general rule is somewhere between 20 -30 inches , would suggest if you have iPhone getting a dli app and do a little reading on ppfd and dli for cannabis, it’s well worth it to get the right amount of light vrs height.

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The Stem on this one looks okay right?

Should i trim those top two big leaves ?

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They are a little over a month old , from start of germanitation.

Yea man they look good , I wouldn’t top yet if they were mine , I tend to wait for at least 4 nodes high