Texas rainy weather after 105 heat wave

Update from Texas… we went from 105 and dry to 82 with rain… we need more :sun_with_face:


Shakem like a Polaroid picture and hopefully the rain is over you like me
But If not cover with white/clear trash bags or tarps
Tarp and un tarp if you can
We’re a month late with the water we needed
But at least the heat is getting back on schedule
I feel your pain and it’s good to see other Texas grower’s


Should I put a light on them? Thanks fellow Texan

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No need for the light if it’s white or clear

but if you have a battery powered fan
(I have a little Milwaukee)for after the rain stops and after I shake the water from the buds

You just don’t want the fan leafs catching the water on budding tops and ruining your hard work


Thank you … they’re getting a bow job today for sure!


You have spider mites. See the tiny white spots on the leaves?

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Noooooooo… I’ll have to inspect tomorrow…

I didn’t see any webs or spiders this morning… the white stuff on the leaves in the previous picture might have been sand… the rain beat my ladies to the ground and they got sand on them… there’s a white dot but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about… I am 52 and my eyesight isn’t what it use to be… spider mites are so tiny… thanks for the insight and I will keep my eye on the situation!

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I ya zoom in on this pic it looks like mites or leaf miners. You won’t see spider mites only the damage they are tiny.

I got the magnifying glass on it and there’s mites for sure… HELP :sob: MY POOR BABIES… what do you suggest I do… they are outside in the ground… I don’t want to use anything with neem oil…

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Pure crop 1

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We are in flower now so never use Neem as it leaves a funky taste. I use a product by general Hydroponics called Exile that seems to work.

A home remedy used by some here is 10 drops of peppermint oil and a few drops of dish soap. Some add rosemary, thyme and other essential oils.

If you can get a water hose to it or a sprayer lean the plant sideways and blast them off with water. Then spray and only spray at dusk or dawn. Do not spray any oil during high sun.

Good luck as your gonna need it those things are harder to kill than a flea on the moon.


Thank you so much… I’ve only got three plants and this is my first successful grow… Definitely something I didn’t see coming…

Have you ever tried DE dimatious Earth in the ladies? It’s food grade