Texas Hill Country Amnesia Haze Auto

Growing outdoors, 8 weeks from sprout.

Compact plants, only about 3-4 feet tall grown outside in 5 gallon pots. One of the pots has 2 plants that are doing just as well as the single plant pot.

Any help as to how long to harvest.

Good looking plant!
At least 4 weeks. Do you have a magnifier to look at the trichomes?
And welcome to the forum.

I don’t have a magnifier, but will be getting one. Going on vacation for 10 days, so glad to see I have plenty of time.

The cheap little double loupe from amazon works fine.
I think its 30x and 60x

Thanks, I will probably repost in a few weeks once I get the magnifier.

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4-6 weeks? Keep us updated with photos! Enjoy your vacation!

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Update - About 11 weeks in. Looks like they enjoyed themselves while I was on vacation.

Most of these pictures were from yesterday. The leaves seem to all have a yellow tint today on one of the plants.

More pics coming on next post

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Looking awesome.
You need to have a solution ready to prop up those branches.
Those buds are still gonna get bigger and heavier.

You should check close for bud rot regularly. Starts as small greyish or brownish fuzzy spots deep in the colas. I thought I saw a suspect spot.

Sorry I had a hard time downloading these pic.
Would these be considered milky?

We had a lot of rain while I was gone. Does that cause the rot, and what should I do for it.
Thanks so much.

Yes rain is a common cause

They look milky but I think thats just a photographic effect.
Far too many white pistils to be done yet.

I’m back. You were right, I think, I did have some bud rot. I have cut off all buds that had any indication of brown spots, and am looking for salvage suggestions. I also found a worm on one of the flowers that I was kind of wishing was the problem.
The rot only seems to be on the outside of the flower, as I broke it in half and did not see anything going on deeper in flower.

The first couple pictures are of the rot, and I have some pictures of what is remaining and some of the trichs.

Thanks for your help.

A good washing with a 50/50 mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water will kill the spores.
Remove any visible rot. If you get to harvest anything wash it again with the same mixture and then dry/cure it. You are getting close. Hope it goes well.
And yes, those worms are a big cause of rot.

Thank you so much for your advise. Hoping I can save something on my first grow.

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Well, it looks like I avoided complete disaster. I removed probably 50% of my flowers after my bud rot scare. It does not appear to have any additional rot.
I finally began seeing some amber trichs, but not that many. I could not take a picture through my loop, but have attached a couple blowups from my Iphone.
Although you cannot see the amber in these photos, I have a small percentage that are turning colors.
Should I put these plants in the dark for a couple of days before cutting, or should I continue with the outside grow waiting on more amber trichs?

Are most of the pistils brown?
If the trichs on the buds, not the sugar leaves, are cloudy then you can harvest.
I actually prefer mine harvested a bit early. Others want some amber for the sedative feeling.