Texas growers? Tips

Any texas growers? Any tips to grow indoors on texas weather?

I’m south of Houston. Growing indoors is pretty much the same as anywhere else. What concerns do you have?

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Then I’m not overly far from you @BobbyDigital. And I mean that literally.

@Deathstar Yup…I’m 22 miles from the Gulf. Its a challenge growing here in the Summer as the house AC doesn’t work that great on this side. What I call the Prime Time to grow for me is Dec to April. I do grow all year round. I had to put a window ac facing my tent. Wood down here doesn’t last that well so I won’t put it in the window.

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Well it’s humidity it’s one of my main concern I live in an apartment while I live in the middle I have people on the top and another one on the bottom so my apartment doesn’t stay that hot in the summer maybe like 8285 would that create humidity

Im in the dallas ftw area we get highs of 100 to 102 in the summer as long my apt is in the 70s and should be good with humidity?

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You should have central air and that should take care if humidity for you.

We hit up to around 130 with the humidity factored in. I don’t have an issue with humidity. Which that really shocks me considering how thin these walls are.

I do have central ac have have yall used pot for pot soil? Anything on that sub

I have not done pot for pot. I just did a kind soil grow (which is same concept) but was really disappointed. The roots wouldn’t grow into the kind soil. @MattyBear has a journal for a pot for pot grow and it turned out really good

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I use FFOF soil. I’m switching to 15 gallon fabric pots after this grow finishes. I already have 6 cubic feet of soil waiting.

I’ve been growing in 5 gallon buckets I picked up at Walmart. I put a bunch of holes in the bottom for drainage. I can’t wait to see what these big fabric pots can do with my monster grows.

Yeah you’re in @Mrcrabs neck of the woods

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@Bobbydigital To tell you how close I am to you I’m 83 miles from the Houston VA a long the Gulf aka SW. I have a bunch of things I need to address at the VA so I will be going back up there a bunch.

Very familiar with the VA. I have machines there that I service. That place is always packed

That is a understatement. I can’t stand going there when my motorcycle is down right now. I got to get it in the HD shop. The rear tire blew out on me.

So what soil did yall use or did yall make your oun mix ?

We both use ocean forest. Last grow I did kind soil on the bottom and ocean forest on top. The plant wouldn’t touch the kind soil so I won’t be using that again.

Did you add nutrients to the o f i heard you do.

You do. But only after the ppm comes down. I usually make it a few weeks into flower before needing to supplement nutrients.

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Ok this is very helpful im planning to plan to plant by march o mid march

See you are starting out fine. Ask before. I use the 3 liquid nutrients and 3 powder ones from Fox Farms. My FFOF is almost 2 years ild so I can start adding nutrients pretty fast. I start around the 2 week mark aka after it has broke ground.

Now nee FFOF soil you don’t need to add nutrients till between 6 to 8 weeks.