Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner/Dechlorinator

We are almoat at the end of our first hydro grow. We are trying to make changing the water simpler. We have been buying water and saw that u could use the fish tank conditioner to make tap water safe to use in hydro…but now that we have it we are not sure if we should use it…hate to mess things up in the last 2 weeks…anyone use this and what are the reviews? Thanks!


Tap water from the city does contain chlorine, you can use the tetra and let it sit for about an hour and it will get rid of the chlorine if your in a hurry…

I prefer not to use it though, if you take the tap water and put it in an open container, I use 5 gallon buckets, and let the water sit in it for 24 hours the chlorine is gone.

If you were buying distilled water before, the tap water will be different, do you have a way to measure EC/ppm? If so what does your tap water test?


One of the many ways folks dechlorinate their water is to run air through the water for 24hr.
The air will evaporate the chlorine. How long it takes may be up for discussion.
I usually use the tetra dechlorinator/water conditioner. I have never had an issue with chlorine.
I have also not used anything in the tap water. I just pour it in and the bubbles will take care of the rest within 24hrs. I have yet to see any issues from doing it that way.
I would however use the dechlorinator if you have any doubts, I still use it.
Good luck and congratulations on making it to the finish! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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