Testing positive

I wanted to know if I can test positive if I just grew and handled the plants? I have random drug testing at work and do not smoke. Thanks!

Nope, you’ll be fine!



Agree with @ktreez420 you’ll be fine if you don’t smoke or eat it


Wear gloves when handling them

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Ok thanks! What about drug dogs? Will they smell it on me all the time or my car if I transport it in there, or can a drug dog only smell what is there?

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They will absolutely smell it if you had it in your car
As far as your person if you have clean clothes on and showered I think you’ll be fine but the car is a definite yes :v:️:cowboy_hat_face::+1:
What are you thought @Donaldj any way around that one ?


If you mean transporting buds in your car no worries dude, vaccume seal multiple times then wash with alcohol :slight_smile: if your transporting plants I’d advise asking a friend to do it or just get your car scrubbed down inside and out after planting them far away? Just some ideas anywho

yes the thc can get into your blood stream form handling it.


Ok, thanks everyone!

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