Testing PH with pool test strips

Ok I have a ph / moisture tester with the probes but was told they wasn’t any good for measuring PH so I watered my plant (growing in 5gal bucket) and took a vile and collected the drain water and used a pool test strip and it looks like 6.8 PH on the test strip same as the probe measured. Can you measure soil PH this way with the pool strip? TIA

Sure can. I let mine drain a min to rinse before I collect the sample. And I’ve heard many places to not trust the ground probes as well. You can trust the strips though.


does it give you any Ph ratings below 6.4??

Would depend on the kit. I used meter, so not familiar with different kits available. I know many people used them.

@Blountville can you tell me what’s happening here? Noticed today these two tadpole looking things popped out near the top of one of the main stems, are they seed pods or is my plant turning male? TIA

can you get any closer with the picture?

It looks OK to me. Others may see something I dont

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Whenever I tried to get closer my phone got blurry but if click on the picture it zooms in where you can see the little crystals I can’t even see with naked eye

Ty @Blountville

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No worries, if I’m not mistaken about what you are talking about. It’s the calyx that you look for when sexing your plants. Now it’s beginning to swell with the different oils preparing to make a seed if some pollen should pass by.

As your buds mature, they will swell as well.

It’s a good thing. :grinning:


Looks like a hermie to me. When a plant hermies, it get that look.

I’ve also noticed a down turned leaf at the branching site from the main stem. Is this the beginning sign that I missed to eventually find that leaf?

@latewood man I sure hope not after all the time and effort put into this. I took this pic this morning…

@latewood. Since you mentioned “that look” care to share with us? I seen a swelling calyx? You responded, so please elaborate why does this look like a hermie? I got some girls that may be kerpin secrets.

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@latewood & @Blountville So if it is a hermie is it worth the risk to keep letting it grow? Will it continue to bloom any more then it has and is it as potent as it’s going to get? Should I just harvest it now? TIA

I’m neither one of them, but unless you plan on a breeding program, I would say it’s not worth it. You will never get the potency you’re looking for.

Of course, my personality says kill anything that looks male when it comes to my plants. It’s a compulsion I can’t overcome.:smiling_imp:

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I wouldn’t risk keeping it, but have read some people just remove the male flowers. Seems too risky to me

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I only have the one plant so I’m not having to worry about it breeding any other females but I’m gonna smoke this either way lol so guess just need to know if it will flower anymore if gain any more potency. It’s just started getting that good weed smell if know what I mean. Would like to hear more input from @latewood before I do anything though.

Then pick off the boy parts and cross your fingers. It will still produce, but you may have seeds.

I have to agree with @Blountville is saying I still don’t see signs of being a hermie. I would continue to watch.

I would like you to consider something though, since it appears she is outside…if it does morph, are you positive nobody else is growing in your area?

The pollen from one missed male flower can travel quite some distance. It’s my major concern where I live now. Many sinse crops have been ruined due to carelessness.

Just food for thought…

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