Testing pH before planting

I am going to try a new soil mix than I’m used to. I’ll be using a mix of coco, perlite, compost, organic dry amendments and worm castings. I like to use just water when I water.
Can I test my runoff pH before I plant my seed?

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Notta one comment? Lol. It’s not that bad of a question… I thought…

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That is a good question,I have not thought of that before.One of the moe experienced growers may know.Tag some of them.

Uuuuuummmm… don’t know who they are. :confused:

I dont see why not. I dont grow in soil though. @kaptain3d @Tenga do you guys know if you can or should test the ph runoff before planting in soil? Or know someone who might have experience with this?

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I never PH anything ever… I use the Advanced Nutrients ph perfect line up (for now). And I’m in Pro-Mix HP…
And outside, I feed them AN and rainwater. No PH… :nerd_face:

Maybe @Hoppiefrog, @Oldguy or @Covertgrower could chip in?


Best to use a soil pH pen, a slurry test just isn’t accurate at all.


Yes you should especially a home mix. Fox farms ocean forest comes already adjusted.


It can be, if you use distilled water with no minerals. It takes the ph of the soil. @Hoppiefrog


Side by side tests give me different results ,I trust the soil pH pen 100% tho. As much as 1.2 difference In pH😵