Testing equipment

Testing my lights out before I germ my seed tomorrow. I have the tent all closed up but the 2 bottom side vents. Temp right now is sitting at 81 and climbing. When the plant starts to grow will that keep the heat down? I’m thinking it’s this hot because of the reflection on the ground. Also during vegetation should I just leave the tent open? I also have a small fan on in the tent

Do you have an exhaust setup?

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Well first, what kind of lights are you using?

Air circulation is very important and you need to have enough circulation in which a small fan my be insufficient. How many CFMs does your fan put out?

I leave my tent open when my girls are not in flower.

No I don’t. I plan on putting a filter and fan on when it starts to flower. It got up to 82.4 then I opened all the top vents. Dropped down to 82.2. My concern with the vents open is light leaking in. Although it won’t be much. So during Veg can I just leave the tent open?

Nvm, the right man for the job has arrived Lol.

But you still might as well answer my post too because it does matter.

It’s a 600 watt. Actually pulls 260 from the wall not sure about the CFMs. I’ll have to read on that cause I don’t know what it is

Are you growing in dirt?


Cubic Feet per Minute = CFM

So how do you plan on keeping water temp cool?

What is the temp of the room it is in?

Maybe 70 degrees

Good, well you are using water so I’m sure the water temp is going to need to stay below 70° if it is the same as hydro.

If your tent is 82° that may be hard to control.

During Veg can I leave the tent open and put a filter and exhaust fan in like a month

I highly recommend adding an exhaust to remove hot air and an intake or fan with tent open to bring in that 70° room air.

Hopefully the heat doesn’t cause problems in veg. I always leave my tent open if the lights are on. And don’t leave any ports open during flower.

I have the tent open now and the temp is dropping. I was testing the temp with everything closed up. So I’m thinking I’ll have the lights come on at 4 am. Open my tent and before 10 I’ll zip it up for lights out

That should work until you get an exhaust for your tent. Hopefully the temp drops and it won’t be an issue.

With it open right now I’m sitting at 78 and dropping