Testing buds advice please


I have a question…I’m nearing the end of flowering and I’m wondering is it ok to take a piece off to see how I like it and also to see if I want to keep it in flower a bit longer…any advice??


Sure is! Lots of us, if not all of us, do it. Snip a small bud that looks the most ready. Let it dry slowly over a couple days, or use any # of quick dry techniques, which tend to make the weed taste horrible. Smoke.


Thanks for the info I’m a first timer so still trying to fight off the impatience :grin:


I’m in the same boat :joy::joy:


Do you have any pics?


I have a grow journal, I live in East-Bumble-!@#$ and have poor cell service, can’t upload pics until I go into town.
Truth be told, I took a small piece and tried to smoke it yesterday. I knew it wouldn’t work but I had to try anyway :joy::joy::joy:
All 4 of my girls are starting to amber up at the leaves but not the buds yet. Maybe another week or so?


I do have pics but not any recent ones since it started to Amber in color


This pic is about 2-3weeks ago I’ll try and upload a recent one later


Here’s a good look at a picture I just took


You definitely have a few weeks left to go. Looking good, though!


Looks like a great beginning.


Yes when you gotta know, you gotta know!!! You know small bits and Peices only!!!¡