Tested tap water

If highly aerated, the CO2 dissolved in the water will acidify the water for a period of time. As the gasses dissipate the PH goes up.

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I should’ve been clearer. Ultimately, standing water in an open container at room temperature will acidify as it equilibrates with the atmosphere. Without intervention, distilled water will decrease in pH from 7 to 5.5-6 in an open container at room temperature.

It’s possible for mechanical aeration to temporarily increase the dissolved carbonates to a point where they interact with other dissolved elements in the well/tap water and spike alkalinity. We don’t know enough about the air quality in this case. There are a lot of variable at play here. There could be microbes feeding off of the dissolved organic carbon. It’s a mystery.

If my explanation sounds vague or contradictory it’s because we’re describing molecular processes in general terms and there are too many unknowns.

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Just tested run off they range from 5.8 to 610 do u think there ok